Top Summer Camp Activities for Pre-Schoolers and Kids (India)

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Come vacation and all moms are looking for ideas to keep their kids busy and engaged in activities to fill in the time they spend at school usually.

With the sun shining bright, it becomes difficult to indulge in outdoor play, and indoor activities take centre stage.

The best way to fill in the time children spend in school is to send them to a summer camp where they can pick hobbies or enjoy doing activities that will help them develop mentally and physically.

Here are some summer camp activities that can be organised without much planning.

Indoor Games At Summer Camps for kids

Store bought games could get boring for kids, so its important to get the children to play games they don’t usually play at home.

It could be team game or DIY indoor games like the ones listed below.

Traditional Indian Games

Traditional Indian Games
Traditional Indian Games


Get some sticks and stones and play traditional Indian games which kids of our generation are missing out on.

Think gilly danda, kancha played with marbles, gutte where you put 5 stones on your hand and spin one stone in the air and pick other stones from the ground without dropping the stone in the air, etc


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt indoor game
Treasure Hunt

Kids love finding things, especially when they are a team. Create a treasure hunt for them with simple rules and fun clues. Make teams and get them started.

Instead of having a prize at the end of the treasure hunt, you could hide different craft material you need for your next activity.

Once they complete the treasure hunt, they can guess what craft they are going to make and then get on to make it.

Memory Game

Memory Game
Memory Game

Keep a tray of things bought from the supermarket and leave it open for the kids for 1 minute.

Then take the tray away, and ask the kids to write down all the things they saw. Or if they are too small to write, ask them to say the things they saw.

Repeat this with different product categories 2-3 times and see the children get smarter with each round.


 bowling kit

Bring in your own bowling kit, and let the kids indulge in a game of fun bowling. Roll the ball, set the pins and get the party started.

Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz for Kids
Grammar Quiz

Create a quiz with simple grammar questions and make a soft board with a mini-kite for each kid. As each kid answers correctly, the kite goes higher. The highest kite wins!

Fun Activities At Summer Camps for Kids

Summer camps must encourage creativity and help children create things, think creatively and make memories.

Best of Waste Towers

Best of Waste Towers creative
Waste Towers


A perfect way to engage kids in an activity that requires, creativity, skill, patience and brings in an element of competition.

Plan a best of waste tower and challenge the kids to build the tallest tower using waste material from home. You could ask them to bring the material in the next class, or have some ready.

Provide them with basic craft material like glue and scissor and set a deadline. They could use empty boxes, waste paper, cartons, tins, etc.

You could also plan a best of waste creative series in your summer camp, where you ask children to get different products each day – egg trays, milk cartons, plastic bottles, etc

You can find a lot of ideas for creating lovely crafts with waste cartons here 


Create a Hurdle House

Kids love jumping, scooting, and going to places that are not usually accessible. Let this become a game by making a hurdle trail for them with different activities once they cross each hurdle.

Hurdles could include jumping on tires, crawling through a hoola hoop tunnel, crossing without stepping on tubs of rice, protecting oneself from icicles, etc.

The activities could be picking out pompoms with a tweezer from a tub that has zig zag threads, feeding a hungry gorilla, etc.

Check out these ideas for creating obstacle courses for kids indoors


Build Your Own Puzzle

create a personalised puzzle
Personalised Puzzle

You can help children create a personalised puzzle.

Ask them to bring a copy of their favourite photograph of their family and get them to stick it to a mount board and create a puzzle with it.

Making this puzzle would be an interesting activity for the kids, at the camp and at home.

Science experiment

Science experiment by kids
Science Experiment


Get apparatus for 2-3 science experiments and let the kids choose what they want to do.

Depending on the age you can get something as simple as lighting a candle in a glass and then covering it with another glass to stop the oxygen supply.

Even pre-schoolers can do this and would love seeing the fire go out. You could play a game of balance by giving them jenga or simply give them matchsticks to put on a thing flat block and challenge them to balance the maximum number of sticks.

Have them make magnets and try to see if the magnets work with non-metal surfaces; there is a lot you can do here.


Paint your own shoe

Paint your own shoe
Paint Your Own Shoe

Ask the parents to send them a pair of plain white canvas shoes and give them fabric paint to paint their own shoes.

If you can sketch the design on to the shoe for them and allow them to paint it, the results can be fabulous.

And which kid wouldn’t want to wear a pair of shoes he has painting to the garden?

Crafting Ideas at Summer Camps for Kids

All kids love craft and it’s a great way to pin them down to one place and indulge them in something creative and useful.

Here are some craft ideas to keep kids busy in artsy summer camps.

Making dream catchers

Making dream catchers by kids
Dream Catchers

Give them a paper plate, some yarn, feathers and beads and let them make a dream catcher with their imagination.

It’s a great use of their motor skills involving everything from cutting to sewing, to beading to using their creativity with colours.

Moreover it looks lovely in any setting.


School Bus Photo Frame for Pre-Schoolers 

Bus Photo Frame for Pre-Schoolers
Bus Photo Frame


Make sure your kids dont miss their school by helping them make this beautiful school bus photo frame that can be made with ice cream sticks and cardboard and buttons.

Let them paste pictures of their best friend and themselves and gift it to him or her when they meet.

Allow them to paint the sticks in the colour they would like their school bus to be and decorate it with little stickers and beads as they please.


Hatching Eggs Craft

Hatching Eggs Craft
Hatching Eggs Craft


Children love animated craft and this one is adorable. Get some wooden clips and let children create an egg in two parts, one of which needs to have a birdie inside.

Refer to the image for a better idea. Paint and stick the craft on the sides of the wooden clip and see them amuse people with their egg that just hatched!

They can use their creativity and create many more such animated craft figures, including a frog that croaks or a whale that is coming to eat the small fish in the house.


Hand Puppets

Hand Puppets
Hand Puppets


Hand puppets are a lot of fun to make and play with and don’t need too many craft supplies either.

Just some chart paper paint and googly eyes. If you have some colourful threads around, they will add more character to the puppets.

We love this unicorn puppet made with cardboard and wool.