Tips for Choosing The Right Gift Card

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You thought Gift cards are the most non-creative gifts? Not if they are thoughtfully purchased. Here are some tips to add more value to your gifting experience. 

The joy of gifting simply elevates your feelings towards the one you are gifting when the gift is well reciprocated. As much as the receiver is excited to know what is being gifted to him/her, the one gifting is equally excited to check on the reaction on the gift given. But gifting is as challenging as much as it is rewarding.

Finding that one perfect gift is a task in itself. To simplify your life and to ensure your gift is well cherished, how about gifting a Gift Card?

It might sound non-creative at first thought, but if you put enough thought to it, you could actually gift someone exactly what they want through a gift card. Let’s run you through the basics of narrowing down on the right gift card for a friend.

The Basics

gift card
Gift Card
    • Study the person well
    • Check their likes / dislikes
    • Make sure the denomination is good enough for the person to buy at least something without having to add money from their pocket. That is considered a burden then!
    • Try and stick to the occasion. For e.g. a gift card for a newly wed couple can be that of a fine dining restaurant or a store from where they can buy stuff for their home.
    • Try and buy gift cards that can be used online and do not require a person to personally go to the store.
    • A gift card of a multi-brand outlet is the best option to choose from unless you know very well the brand and the product your friend likes / needs the most.
    • If gifting a food voucher, check whether your friend is a veg / non-veg and gift accordingly.
    • If it is a movie voucher, check on the proximity of the theatre to the place your friend lives / works at.
    • Let the gift card be accompanied by a personal message. It adds to the gifting value and makes it priceless in a way.
    • eVouchers are a great option for it has no chances of being misplaced.


And if you are unable to decide what gift card to buy, here are some ideas:

For a Friend To Lives Alone

A friend who lives alone and does not indulge in home cooked food will most appreciate a food voucher. Eating out everyday can certainly be quite taxing.

And when eating out becomes a routine, it just kills the drive to experiment with different food. A person normally sticks to the tried and tasted stuff. A gift voucher of a takeaway or a restaurant that does home delivery will be God sent for them.

For The Book Lover

crossword gift card
Crossword Gift Card



Do you see your friend always accompanied by a book? Read in between the lines then.

He / she would love to be gifted a book. Checking their personal collection of books is out of the way as for sure you wouldn’t be able to remember all the titles and secondly you cannot go and ask them the book they would want.

For a book lover to decide upon which book they would like to have next, its like leaving them with a battle they cannot afford to win. Head off to Crosswords or Landmark or any other popular book store.

Get them a Gift Card that would allow them to spend time with their favorite friends and pick one while on their way home.


For The Over Worked Friend/Colleague

Who doesn’t like being pampered? For an over-worked friend, the best gift is a pampering session at a spa or a salon. A lot many salons, spas and massage centers offer the option of gift cards.

Pick up one for your friend and she / he would most certainly thank-you while their tired muscles get some good massage or when they get the hair cut / colour they wanted since a long time but just didn’t have the inclination to go. Your gift card will have them head straight away!

For The Newly Married Friend

For a friend who has just got hooked, it is best to give them a gift card that gives them a chance to ‘experience’ togetherness. This could be a gift card for him / her to purchase movie tickets or a fine dining gift card or if your budget allows you, then an overnight stay in a premium hotel.

Always short of Clothes

shoppers stop gift card
Shoppers Stop Gift Card



Now this a problem faced by a lot of women out there and some men too and if your friend happens to be one of them, believe us, they would kiss our hands for a shopping card that you gift them! You can check the online shopping sites for picking one up (they can shop for more with all those exciting discounts) or you can narrow down on the brand they most prefer or better still get a gift card from a multi-brand outlet.

The Shoppers Stop Gift Card is available at GreatBuyz for 5% less.


Now its easy to spot a friend who loves her bags and a gift card that allows her to indulge in some more bag shopping is surely going to make her love you all the more. Check the dedicated bags and accessories brands. Pick up a brand you haven’t seen her holding.

She would most certainly appreciate that all the more. Gift cards are a fantastic way of allowing people to try things they haven’t tried yet, so go on and let her explore.

Time Keeper

titan gifts
Titan Gifts

Now this one can be a message driver. Time and memories go hand in hand. A perfect gift for a friend who needs to be told how you cherish the time spent with him / her.

Gifting needs to be practical to be remembered. It is always nice to pamper someone with flowers and chocolates but gifting someone the freedom to choose their own gift is a different experience all together.

Apart from saving precious hours you spend deciding on the gift, a gift card also helps the recipient saves his / her money to buy something they always wanted to buy just needed a push to go and do so. Your Gift Card to them would be the most ideal solution.