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Top 10 Smartphone Brands In India – Best Mobile Phone Companies of 2018

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Thinking of buying a new phone? What is your priority? A good camera or an expandable memory? Good looks or ease of usage?

Do you prefer stock/custom Android or are you an iOS fan? Is your priority for gaming or for a long lasting battery?

These and a lot more considerations need to be made before you narrow down on a mobile phone brand.

Behind China, India has the largest number of mobile users in the world making it significantly important for mobile phone companies.

Almost every other week a new phone gets launched giving users an array of mobile phones to choose from. While choosing any mobile phone, it is important to set your requirements right – Your budget followed by other factors such as design, memory, battery life, user reviews, etc should be carefully measured before making the choice.

To help make your decision to buy the right mobile phone for your specific purpose, we bring to you India’s top 10 mobile phone brands that offer the latest technologies and features in every price range.

1. Apple

Apple’s Iphone

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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in California, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976.

Apple’s Iphone is the most popular high end phone in the market and enjoys a premium position simply because of its uniqueness and first mover advantage.

Quality is never compromised when it comes to Apple products and Iphones come with a snob value that makes them more sought after.

The latest Iphone is the Iphone X that has the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back.

Its surgical grade stainless steel and wireless charging makes it a hit among people who have a zest for travel and adventure.

With its full touch display screen and slim body, it has already garnered attention and admiration all over the world.

Price: Rs 92,999

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Visit the website here to learn more about Apple Products

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2. Samsung

Samsung - Galaxy S9 plus

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When it comes to mobile phones, Samsung is a global market leader for android phones offering phones in all price brackets in a variety of designs.

Samsung’s latest model Galaxy S9 plus 128 GB is available in a radiant lilac purple along with colours blue and black. Having an impressive camera lens, it captures the best daytime and low light photos.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ comes with a Carrier Aggregation Technology, a unique feature that maximizes the power of your 4G smartphone to give you internet speed up to 250Mbps.

So what you get is 2.5 times faster streaming and quicker downloads, compared to other smartphones. If you are looking for a business phone, then you need to end your search here.

Price: Rs 68,900

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Know more about Samsung mobile phones here

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3. OnePlus

OnePlus 6 mobile phone

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A recent addition to the mobile industry, OnePlus was established in 2013 in China with a simple idea to make a better phone.

Over the past couple of years of its operations, the company has tied up with several online retailers, while the key player for selling their handset remains to be Amazon, when it comes to the sales outside China.

Empowered by a bold mindset, the company creates products that transcend geography, customs and cultures.

The new OnePlus 6 has created a buzz in the market with its classy looks and great operating system.

Breeze through apps with little to no load times, or shift quickly between gaming, working and browsing.

You will experience the most immersive display ever- whether you’re reading an article or browsing social media, the 19:9 display lets you see more at once.

Price: Rs 34,999

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4. Xiaomi

Redmi Y2 Gold Mobile Phone

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Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun based on the vision “innovation for everyone”.  In 2017, Xiaomi beat Samsung to become India’s most selling smartphone brand.

Featuring a custom MIUI based on Google’s Android system, Xiaomi within 3 years of its operations in India was able to achieve this unprecedented feat because of the killer specifications at unbeatable prices.

Redmi Y2 Gold, a dual sim phone with an in-built storage capacity of 32 GB and 16 MP camera is just what everybody desires to own at an affordable price range. It is the market breaker mobile phone with a powerful processor and premium features.

Price: Rs 9,999

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Peep into the world of Mi phones here

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5. Honor

Honor 9 Mobile Phone

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Honor was established in 2013 as a sub-brand to the company Huawei, marking the beginning of its independent operations.

With a stunning 5.65 inch touchscreen and 2.5D curved glass, the Honor 9 Lite is a smartphone of choice.

With a sleek design, 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB internal memory, the phone is power combined with elegance.

The Honor 9 Lite also features a 3000 mAh battery for more calls, more games and more videos out of your smartphone.

Price: Rs 13,849

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Have a glance at all Honor mobile phones here

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6. Motorola

Moto X4 Mobile Phone

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Motorola Mobility is an American consumer electronics and Telecommunications Company based in Chicago that was founded in 2011. It is currently owned by Lenovo after being purchased from Google in 2014.

Motorola Mobility was formed after the split of the original Motorola on January 4, 2011.

Their biggest USP is stock android experience which is very neat and simple and its phones support turbo charging which takes very less time in comparison of other regular charging phones.

Motorola’s new launch- Moto X4 is designed for all the selfie lovers. With a 16 MP camera having a dual focus and 64GB as storage capacity, it is available here in a super black colour. The gorilla glass makes it scratch and water resistant.

Price: Rs 24,999

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Visit the website to learn more about Motorola phones

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7. Oppo

Oppo Smartphone

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Known as the selfie expert, Oppo is ranked as the No4 smartphone brand globally since 2016 and is providing excellent selfie experiences to more and more people around the world.

For the last 10 years, Oppo has been focusing on selfie technology breakthroughs. It innovated selfie beautification and drove the selfie trend in the smartphone industry.

Do you want to own a mobile phone with a lustrous red body? If yes, then the stunning Oppo F7 smart phone is the one for you. Through AI-powered selfie, capture the real you and its 64 GB storage capacity will never allow you to run out of space.

Price: Rs 19,990

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Check out all the smartphones offered by Oppo here

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8. Vivo

Vivo V9 Youth

A young global smartphone brand focusing on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops dynamic and stylish products for passionate young people.

Founded in 2009, Vivo has quickly expanded into markets in India and South East Asia.

Pioneering the use of hi-fi audio chips in smartphones, Vivo created the very first smartphone with a dedicated hi-fi chip, the X1.

Since then, the company has remained committed to providing the very best possible audio experience to customers.

People who are in search of a phone that supports intensive gaming and media tasks should definitely go for Vivo V9 Youth 32 GB which has a good battery life and operating speed as well.

It has a state-of-the-art 19:9 aspect ratio full view display 2.0, with an amazing screen-to-body ratio of 90%.

The super-sized display of 6.3 inches fits perfectly in a compact body no larger than a traditional 5.5 inches phone, offering an incredibly immersive experience.

Price: Rs 16,933

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Check out their entire range here

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9. Asus

 Asus ZenFone 5Z

Asus is a Taiwan-based, multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company that was established in 1989.

Dedicated to creating products for today’s and tomorrow’s smart life, Asus is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and gaming brand as well as a top-three consumer notebook vendor.

Driven by innovation and committed to quality, Asus is the recipient of several awards and has earned approximately US$13.3 billion revenue in 2016.

The newly launched Asus ZenFone 5Z sports a flagship-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and dual cameras at the back, and starts at a surprisingly low price in India.

With the ZenFone 5Z, Asus is not only creating competition for other smartphones, but is also promising more features and benefits at a lower price point.

Price: Rs 29,990

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10. LG

Lg Mobilephone

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LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company established in 1958 and headquartered in South Korea.

LG’s philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. Their range of smart phones stay true to this philosophy and aims to offer ultimate customer satisfaction.

LG’s V30+ is a great phone in terms of looks and processor. The SD 835 processor is very quick and responsive with good RAM management.

The best part about this phone is the OLed screen. It is a mind blowing panel to look at.

The dual cameras at the back are at another level. The pictures using the back cameras are clean and crisp.

Price:  Rs 39,990

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Browse here to know more about LG

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