Top 10 Tampon Brands in India- Have a Bloody Easy Period

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Every woman gets those days of the month when she witnesses a whirlwind of things- change in emotions, food cravings, awful bloating and cramps and what not. So when dealing with all of this, why should one also have to worry about the napkin or tampon to use? There are a lot of choices in the market today. This topic may be a bit uncomfortable for those who have just got their first period. But we are here to help you with choosing the right tampon for those painful days.

Also, often looked down upon with nervousness, tampon use has actually not become much famous in India but we have come up with the many benefits they bring along so that women around the women especially in India start realizing the importance and need for tampon usage. Tampons are basically considered to be one of the easiest period protection tool ever made. They are clearly a great alternative to those pads that you may have been using since years. Because wearing a bikini or tight fitted shorts during periods with a huge pad is just so uncomfortable, tampons are the future.

Well, we need to first know in detail how they are used and the types of tampons available, and then we can go ahead and tell you the best tampon brands in India to choose from.

Types of tampons

1.Application wise

Most tampons are made using a blend of rayon and cotton and some synthetic material too. There are ways that tampon material can be inserted and stored where it should be. It is basically up to you which one you choose and like.

Cardboard- As it says, this applicator is of cardboard material and is the simplest of all tampons types. It is even the most inexpensive but is a little tricky to use.

Sea sponge- These are the reusable ones made from natural sponge from ocean. They are organic in a way that they have no synthetic material, bleach or chemicals. They are eco friendly too and after use, they can be washed off easily and reused. Sea sponge tampons can last for 3-6 months.

Plastic- These are a little expensive than the cardboard ones but women prefer these most of the time. The plastic material of these tampons are easy and comfortable to use and can be easily inserted.

No applicator- These are also called as the digital tampons as they are compact and inserted using your fingers. These types of tampons produce less waste in the environment.

2.Construction wise

Reusable- The sponges we talked about earlier are the reusable ones that have a long history of being used by those who prefer customizable approach and that can adjust to their individual needs. There are even silk sponges that one can choose for extra hygiene and comfort. What is amazing about the sponges is the fact that they are organic and make them totally safe for women who have sensitive skin.

Fragrance based- There are tampons that have deodorants aimed at reducing the menstrual odor and thus replacing them with nice fragrances. But there is still some controversy regarding these scented ones and people link connections with health conditions like endometriosis or toxic shock syndrome.

3.Size wise

Small- As you may have guessed by now from its name, the small tampons are smaller in size and are used when there is less menstrual fluid. N an average, the small tampons can handle around 6 gm of fluid although occasionally they may handle some more if you don’t move around much.

Regular- The standard and regular sized tampons can hold somewhere between 6 and 9 grams of fluid but they can hold a lot more as well if you are not moving much. Not just that, these regular sized ones also are most widespread in the market and thus are most in demand.

Super- As the name rightly suggests, these tampons can hold a lot of menstrual flow like between 9 and 12 grams. Provided their high absorbency rate, these are generally for those women who get heavy flow. They are also a little larger than the regular sized ones.

Super plus- These are the largest and most absorbent ones out there. On an average, they can hold around 15gm menstrual flow, which is an absorbency rating which is thus mainly for the women with heavy flow. It may seem to you that the 15gm mark is not that large but always remember that even a gram of this fluid is like a quarter of a teaspoon.

Things to consider when buying tampons

Choosing the right type of tampon and using it may be a daunting task for girls who get their first periods but with time, it gets easier. This is so because the woman’s body is in a state of constant change. So a reliable and good quality tampon is always something that one should look for. Here we have brought the top 10 tampon brands and products you can choose from and have bloody worriless periods.

Provided the fact that majority of tampons are made of cotton, you need to be aware of the problems you may face when buying one. You should try to get the best tampon to find what kind of cotton is used in the tampon as construction of all products differs. For example, herbicides and pesticide are sprayed on cotton crops and that may in turn result in a lot of health issues like skin infection, bacterial conditions etc.

Make sure you always buy the best tampons that are safe and also look for organic ones. These organic tampons are by far the safest out there even if they come with an expensive price tag. As far as your health is concerned, the probability of a tampon causing harm isn’t that big. So to avoid any issue, you may want to try the ones that are fully organic and has as little synthetic as possible.

Top 10 Tampon Brands In India

1. U by Kotex

This is a major producer of tampons in India including the click tampons that allow you to carry your piece discretely as they become read to use and full sized when you intend to use them.

U By Kotex Click Tampons, Unscented Super Plus 

U By Kotex Tampons
U By Kotex Tampon


This is a great tampon that is much liked by the users. This is the tampon that you can secretly carry in your pocket or purse. Just pull the lower part of the tampon till you hear the click or lock sound and then use it. These tampons are especially designed with smooth tip for a quick and comfortable insertion. The click tampon also expands so that you are covered to stop any leaks.

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2. Tampax

Tampax has a lot of varieties and product lines. The Pearl Active range is much liked by women who are active and want extra support during workouts.

Tampax Pearl Super Plus Absorbency

Tampax Pearl Tampons
Tampax Pearl Tampon


This one is designed with extra absorbency in mind. The Pearl Plastic tampon is surely the best solution for you when you have some sports event to go to. With this tampon, you can enjoy your day all the time without any inconvenience. Made from high end materials the Pearl Plastic tampon aims at keeping the user protected and flexible from any problems.

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3. Bella

Bella is yet another popular brand that is much famous and is widely demanded. Imported from Europe, their quality is high and safe. Bella tampons are an alternative for sanitary napkins, thus a great solution for modern, sporty and active girls.

Bella Tampon Super Plus Easy Twist

Bella Tampons
Bella Tampon


The super plus size is perfect for heavy bleeding and flow. These tampons have extra soft non woven top layer that keeps you fresh all day long. Also, this tampon has 8 channels that ensure proper liquid distribution and fast absorption. Being dermatological tested, the tampon is recommended to be used with panty liners for extra protection.

4. Helen Harper

This is a much liked brand in tampons market. You will simply love the way their tampons are designed and made.

Helen Harper Normal and Super Applicator Tampons 

Helen Harper Tampons
Helen Harper Tampon


The 32 piece pack of these tampons contains 16 pieces that are super applicator tampons used for medium to high flow days and the other 16 pieces are normal applicator tampons for the light to medium flow time. These tampons are simple to use and they are totally comfortable as you to the beach or pool. You may need to change your tampon every 4-6 hours. The tampon can also be easily removed when fully saturated. Indeed a lot of users change the tampon quickly as they are afraid of leaks. But if you are worried, use pant liner for better protection.

5. Sofy

Sofy is a brand that has been here since long. There are a lot of products from the company and are much admired by the females.

Sofy Soft Tampons with applicator

Sofy Soft Tampons
Sofy Soft Tampon


These soft tampons are available with the applicator which permits easy application of use. Made in Japan, these tampons are made for regular or medium menstrual fluid flow. The benefits of these tampons include longer lasting absorbency, freedom from discomfort, easy application and removal.

6. Sirona

These are the quality registered tampons and even approved by the FDA. These tampons are manufactured at one of the best facilities in Europe.

Sirona Premium Applicator Tampons Super Plus Heavy Flow

Sirona Premium Tampons
Sirona Premium Tampon


These are smaller than traditional applicators but have high absorbency level. The functionality actually expands in its size for perfect fit and so that you do not face any leakage. The tampon has comfort smooth and round applicator tip for simple insertion. The 8 grooves along the length regulate expansion and so it leads to maximum reliability and absorption. For total comfort, go ahead with these tampons and embrace comfort during your periods.

7. Rivapax

This is a much liked company when it comes to safe and comfortable tampons.

Rivapax Sea Sponge Natural Tampons 2-in-1 Pack

Rivapax Sea Sponge Tampons
Rivapax Sea Sponge Tampon


These are fully saturated sponges which you can wash and rinse and they are ready to use again. The best part about these sponge tampons is that they can be trimmed to easily fit your size, they are economical as well as environment friendly. The sponge tampon can also help to reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps, they are highly durable and are mold and fungus resistant. These bio degradable tampons are harvested ethically off the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The base is left as it is that further encourages reproduction and stimulates re-growth, resulting in healthier sponges. The natural sea sponges have natural enzymes which inhibit growth of mildew, bacteria and mold, thus making them hypo allergenic as well as toxin free. Also, lack of chemicals in these tampons means they are a healthier choice to artificial sponge.



FLOH tampons are all you need for your menstrual days. The regular tampons are perfect for light to moderate flow days while super tampons are best for heavy flow days. They even come in combo sets that are customizable as per your needs.

FLOH FDA Approved Regular Tampons Normal Flow Pack

FLOH FDA Tampons


FLOH tampons are the digital viscous non applicator ones that are made to take care of your menstrual flow and hygiene. As they take the shape of your body, these tampons offers hygienic as well as hassle free periods time. The FLOH tampons have rounded and smooth tip for simple and easy insertion. These tampons offer around 8 hours protection and take the shape of the vaginal canal so that it doesn’t slip out or get too inside.

They offer 100% safety from stains and have great absorbency rate. These tampons are further FDA approved too and so you don’t need to worry about anything. Tampons provide that convenience and comfort for women on the go.


9. O.B.

These tampons are made from premium grade cotton material and are easy to use.

O.b. Pro Comfort Applicator Free Digital Tampons

O.b. Pro Tampons
O.b. Pro Tampon


O.b. Pro comfort applicator free digital tampons actually expand to perfectly fit your body shape and they offer high standard comfort. Unlike other products in the market, they do not come with any applicator and so they are easy to discard after use. Another point to know is that these tampons come equipped with fluid lock grooves which prevent leakage of any kind. All thanks to the extra compact size that these tampons can be carried around easily even in your purse or pocket without anyone noticing about it.


10. Masmi Organic

Tampons from this brand are 100% pure certified organic cotton absorbent. They are also hypoallergenic to prevent the risks of allergy and irritation. None of the natural cotton tampons have super absorbent polymer. Imported from Spain, these natural cotton tampons have complete range of hygienic products.

Masmi Chlorine Free Certified Organic Cotton Biodegradable Cardboard Applicator Regular Tampon

Masmi Chlorine Free Tampons
Masmi Chlorine Free Tampon


These tampons are perfect for light to medium flow, with individual packing, they are super easy to carry as well. The tampons are also dioxin and chlorine free bleaching and are perfume free. Also, the removal cord is sewed to absorbent core and the applicator has a rounded tip for soft and comfortable insertion. They are totally biodegradable and extra security veil covers absorbent core in order to stop the fiber that stick inside the women’s body during removal.

So, these are the top 10 tampon brands and products you should keep into consideration for the best purchase.