Top 5 Plywood Brands for your Home Decor

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Plywood is amongst the most important products that help in enhancing the look and appeal of your home. Plywood is flexible, lightweight and will make your home feel warm and inviting. With most of the metros becoming highly congested, wood can also give a feeling of being much closer to nature. But it is important to invest in high quality plywood and purchase it from reputed manufacturers. Here are the top 5 plywood brands that will make your home decor stand out.


1. Kitply

Kitply was established in 1982 in Assam. It is one of the leading manufacturers of plywood in India and has more than 1000 employees working in its offices. Some of the products that the company is dealing in include general plywood, wood veneer, decorative laminates, and decorative plywood among others. Kitply’s success in India has encouraged the company to expand its operations overseas and is currently exporting its products to Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Middle East. Its products are not only strong and aesthetically designed, they are also quite affordable. Visit Kitply website here

2. Archidply

For more than four decades Archidply has been manufacturing state-of-the-art plywood products. The company began operations in 1976 and is amongst the best plywood company in India. It is also listed in the National Stock Exchange of India and is a certified company providing the best plywood and laminates in the country. It boasts of state of the art technology that has allowed the company to produce the best quality of plywood in the country. It has installed capacity to manufacture products worth 75 million USD. The company manufactures eco-friendly plywood and is a recipient of the Industry Trend Setter Power Brand in India. They are one of the few companies that have SAP enabled operations at their facilities. After having carved a niche for itself in the country, Archidply is on an expansion mode. Today the company is exporting its products to around 20 countries including America, Canada, UAE, Israel, Thailand, Singapore, and Italy among others.

3. CenturyPly

CenturyPly is one of the most well-known names in India. The company began its operations in 1986 and since then has been supplying homes, offices, etc. with high-quality plywood, laminates, doors, veneers, block boards and other products. The popularity of CenturyPly has transcended the borders of India and currently the company is exporting its products to around 21 countries. The company has 6 manufacturing facilities spread across India. Visit CenturyPly website here

4. Sarda Plywood

Founded in 1957, Sarda Plywood Industries are amongst the oldest plywood companies in India. Sarda Plywood offers consumers a variety of amazing products that help them to embellish their homes. In 1968, Sarda Plywood introduced Duro Plywood, which is renowned for its aesthetic qualities and toughness. The company has manufacturing facilities in Assam and Gujarat. Visit Duroply website here

5. National Plywood Industries

National Plywood Industries was incorporated in 1973 and is today present all over India. The company manufactures high-class products which are known for their durability and affordability. Some of its products include plywood, flush doors, block boards, decorative laminate products among others. Visit National Plywood website here


Today homebuyers can choose from a variety of plywoods; however, it is important to choose the right kind of plywood that will provide your home with a classy and sophisticated touch. When buying plywood it is essential to look for the best plywood brand in India. Refrain from going in for cheap products because low quality plywood can be damaged easily and may also spoil the look of your home.