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Top 8 Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

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Indian cooking is popular for the use of spices and oils and the aroma that comes when the food is cooked. It involves frying, grilling, sautéing etc. The aroma and noise that comes out of spluttering of spices give a pleasant smell but leave imprints on the kitchen ceiling and walls. And over a period of time, this starts to collect on the cabinets, walls and appliances.

Also, as it is said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you think from this angle, it becomes important for a woman to cook good food every day. And when you have that master chef inside you, you wish to have the best of facilities. Thus, a kitchen chimney becomes an imperative part of your household. Any modular kitchen is literally incomplete without the best kitchen chimney.  So, when it comes to having a chimney for your kitchen, how should you make a choice? Let’s see below.

How to choose the best kitchen chimney in India?

This should not be too tough when you go through this buying guide here. Here we have tried to encompass all factors that help in choosing the best kitchen chimney India. You have to look at different aspects like choosing the right type of chimney, knowing its suction power, its size and cleaning and maintenance it will require.

Types of chimneys in India

Wall counted– This is the most common type of kitchen chimney that you will come across not only in India but worldwide. Kitchens in India generally have the platform adjacent to walls and so wall counted is a very popular kind.

Straight line– A lot of Indian kitchens face space issues. Under such scenario, you may not be able to have a wall mounted chimney. Straight line chimneys can thus be your choice. They extend halfway over your cooking range too.

Chimneys need regular cleaning in order to remove all that grime and soot. Indians simply love spicy food with lots of oil. Hence you will see oil particles sticking to the filter. This may affect the performance and functionality of the chimney. Thus you have to clean the chimney at regular time periods. This may require dismantling of the filters and cleaning them thoroughly. Also, you have the option of getting those chimneys that have the auto clean feature.

Types of Chimney filters

Mesh or cassette filter- The smoke in the kitchen contains greasy particles along with soot. Generally filters have various layers of stainless steel or aluminum mesh filters to collect the solid particles and thus allowing the smoke to escape. But this type of filter requires some maintenance.

Baffle filter- Most Indian chimneys have baffle filters. This is a sort of improvement on aluminum mesh filters. Also, research says that such filters are 30% better than mesh filters. The design of these filters involves panels on it to have various curves, allowing smoke to escape easily while restraining grease from doing so.

Carbon filter- Just as there is carbon filter in water purifiers, there are similar filters in kitchen chimneys as well. They help to remove bad odor. Made of charcoal, you can find these filters in duct and ductless chimneys both.

Now as you know the types of chimneys and their filters, it is now time to find the top kitchen chimney brands in India along with checking their best products.


Faber is a highly reputed brand all over the globe when we talk about kitchen appliances. The 3D Y2S2 technology in some of their chimney models allows three way suction thus ensuring that your kitchen remains fume-free at all times. The main USP of Faber chimneys is that the 3 layer baffle filters that suits the requirements of Indian kitchens.

Faber Super 3D Plus T2S2 BK TC LTW

Faber Super 3D Plus T2S2 BK TC LTW
Faber – Chimney Brand






This is a top end 60cm wall mounted chimney from Faber. With a suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr, the chimney is perfect for heavy grilling and frying. It even has a touch control and baffle filter, thus making it suitable for Indian kitchens. Straight glass, wall mounted, 3 way suction are the great features of this chimney.

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The chimney makers at Elica have good aesthetic sense and this is clearly highlighted in all the chimney models they have. Apart from hi-tech features used in the chimneys, the stainless steel and glass body also makes them look attractive. The models that have the suction speed of more than 1110 cubic meter/hour are the best selling ones.


Elica – Chimney Brand




The Elica SPOT ETB PLUS LTW 60 TC3V LED is a superb chimney from the brand that has 2 baffle filters, touch control and a great body. This 60cm chimney has a suction capacity of 1220 m3/hr with 15 years warranty on motor, rotor and filters and 1 year warranty on PCB. It comes in a great design that will enhance the overall feel of your kitchen. The suction speed can be easily changed or increased using the touch button.

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One of the highly popular and demanded kitchen chimney brands in India is Glen. The best part is that it comes with extra filters. Some of the ductless models from the brand are very easy to use and install. Named to be one of the top kitchen chimney brands Indian, Glen uses high quality baffle filters. There are even carbon filter models that help in adding on to filtration of air around. Some models have superb suction technology of 1000 cubic meters.

GLEN 6071 SS 60 1000M3 BF-LTW Wall Mounted Chimney

GLEN 6071 SS 60 1000M3 BF-LTW Wall Mounted Chimney
GLEN – Chimney Brand



Suitable for 3-4 burners, this 60cm chimney from Glen has baffle filter that separates spices and grease easily. The chimney needs regular manual cleaning of the filters. 1+6 years extended warranty is available with this kitchen chimney. It is a ductless chimney that re-circulates the air. The stainless steel used ensures longer life of the chimney. Made with high end glass and matte finish, the chimney compliments décor of any modern kitchen. LED lights are also there in the hood that illuminates the cook-top and kitchen counter top.

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The feature touch system of these chimneys makes the functioning and use quite easy and smooth. With high suction power, Sunflame chimneys are some of the best kitchen chimneys in India as they suit the requirement of all kinds of Indian kitchens- small or big. The USP of Sunflame chimneys is their auto clean feature.

Sunflame Innova 90 Auto Clean-T

Sunflame Innova 90 Auto Clean-T
Sunflame – Chimney Brand



This chimney has the suction power of 1100 m3/hr and is suitable for large kitchens. The feature of touch control makes the chimney easy to operate. There are the baffle filters and oil collector that require cleaning in every 6 months.

The stainless steel body of the chimney adds a nice touch to the overall look. 2 LED size lights are also there for proper illumination and the product comes with Auto Clean facility as well. To buy this chimney, you can simple visit Snapdeal and make a purchase.



Again this one needs no introduction as it is highly popular in the Indian markets. They are known for their trendy and stylish hoods created with utmost perfection, thereby keeping your kitchen- oil, smoke and odor free. KAFF makes some really elegant looking chimneys that have powerful suction motors too. Their chimneys are made of special conveyor Pressure Die Cast Aluminum Motors. You can enjoy cooking in clean air when you have these powerful chimneys in your kitchen.

KAFF RAY 60 Wall Mounted Chimney

KAFF RAY 60 Wall Mounted Chimney
KAFF RAY- Chimney Brand




RAY 60 chimney provides a great suction of 1180 m3/hr and it comes with a nice touch control and LED lighting. Its front glass and low noise hood make a great addition to any kitchen. Its 8mm curved tempered glass further provides a stunning, stylish and sleek design touch to your kitchen. The baffle and aluminum filters also offer precise cleaning and thus the maintenance is very low. It is indeed a compact 60cm stylish chimney with 3 speed controls.

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Hindware is believed to be a great kitchen chimney brand in India due to its autonomous features. Hindware chimneys have baffle filters and are best suited for Indian style cooking. The material used to make these chimneys is rust proof. Even the LED lighting adds that extra aesthetic value. USP of Hindware chimneys is the double auto clean feature in some models that make them the best chimneys out there.

Hindware Nevio 60

Hindware Nevio 60
Hindware – Chimney Brand




This Nevio chimney has the auto clean function and comes with baffle filters, thus making it a perfect addition to all Indian kitchens. The stainless steel used is top class and the hob is rust proof. This is a ducting chimney and so it can incur a little higher installation cost. There is even LED lighting that looks attractive and is ideal for illumination. The chimney has a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr and there is even the water cleaning and thermal clean feature. The touch panel further makes the model all the more attractive and stylish.

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Prestige chimneys are known for large Indian kitchens as they have high suction capacity. The digital display also helps in easing the operation and functioning of these chimneys. Further, the inbuilt halogen lights add to their illumination factor too. Apart from looks and technology, the brand is itself the biggest USP of these chimneys. Prestige has been a trustworthy name in kitchen appliances in India since long.

Prestige GKH 900 CM DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

Prestige GKH 900 CM DLX Wall Mounted Chimney
Prestige – Chimney Brand



With a width of 101cm, this Prestige chimney can cover the largest of cooking ranges in your kitchen. The chimney has a high suction power of 1000 m3/hr thus it is suitable for even the large kitchens. Its digital display is easy to use and the baffle filters are great for Indian cooking. Even the inbuilt halogen lights are a great addition that offer perfect illumination factor. This is the wall mounted chimney and requires ducting.

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Bosch uses German technology to make their kitchen chimneys and so as a result, they hold a powerful position in the kitchen chimney brands in India. The high suction capacity ensures that you get better quality air in your kitchen. The European styled baffle filters are the USP of these chimneys.

Bosch DWB09W8511 1L 90CM Stainless Steel Hood Chimney

Bosch DWB09W8511 1L 90CM Stainless Steel Hood Chimney
Bosch – Chimney Brand


Having the suction/extraction power of 800 cubic meters, this model can suit all sizes of kitchens, especially in India. Their higher suction capacity ensures that you enjoy clean air while working in the kitchen. This chimney makes use of European style baffle filters. You even get halogen lighting system that helps in illuminating the hob. You have ducting and ductless variety of chimneys in this particular model. This is the auto clean chimney model and it even saves on your energy bills.

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Summing it up

So now that you know the top brands and the top models to go for, we hope you will not have an issue deciding the perfect chimney for your kitchen. Also now that you know the best kitchen chimneys India, nothing can hold you back from taking great deals available online. After all, every homemaker deserves excellent kitchen appliances that can make their life all the more comfortable and easy.