Top 10 Educational Websites For Students In India

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There was a time when education was limited to classrooms and lecture notes. But with the internet penetrating the Indian population, education is now accessible to a larger group of people. Students can now get the best quality classes in the comfort of their homes, thanks to educational websites for students in India. Students of all age groups can now find relevant educational material online.

The best educational websites in India can be divided into two main categories:

Educational websites for students that provide educational materials and information

Educational websites offering information about entrance exams, courses, and career guidelines

GreatBuyz conducted deep research and came up with the list of the best educational websites that help students learn, hone their skills and update their knowledge.

Best Educational Websites For School Students 

Primary education forms the basis on which students acquire higher education and choose their professions. While our schooling system provides basic learning but there is a need for drastic improvement in the tools that are used to teach school students. Here are the best educational websites for students, making learning easier.


Touted as India’s largest education company, BYJU’S is one of the most used K12 (classes 4 to 12) learning apps for students. Focused on creating the best and most unique educational experience for every student, the learning programs are developed to address the pressing needs. BYJU’S success lies in its ability to provide students with personalized education solutions backed by high-quality materials. Launched in 2015, BYJU’S has helped over 12 million students improve their grades, driving away from the fear often associated with exams. Apart from K12 education, BYJU’S is also one of the best educational websites for students preparing for entrance exams like JEE, NEET, IAS, GRE, and GMAT. BYJU’S is available as an app for download on smartphones and computers.

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An educational website that is designed specifically for the students of class 1 to 12, Meritnation stands out because of the high quality of study materials it has to offer. Under its smart study feature, it offers videos to help students easily understand the underlying concepts and facts by visualizing the information. Study materials and textbook solutions for students across all boards are available. Meritnation.com also acts as a platform for live classes and online coaching for students of classes 4 to 12. Most students love the Homework Help section of the website that provides solutions for queries. The Meritnation platform is highly versatile and is available for download as an app for Android and iOS as well.

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A students’ guidance portal that is offering the best study material, class notes, sample papers and more for students of CBSE and ICSE board. It is one of the best educational websites for school students to prepare for their school exams, board exams and national, state and college-level entrance exams. Aglasem.com is also a valuable resource for parents as well as provides information about schools, admissions, and exam related details. Recruitment updates are also available on the site about government jobs, bank jobs, railways recruitment and many more.

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Khan Academy

Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy never had the intention to get popular or make money, but when he founded Khan Academy, he along with his team wanted to create a self-paced and free source of education for students of all age groups but primarily focusing on students of grade 1 to 12. Today, Khan Academy has a comprehensive list of courses that allow students to begin learning about any subject via an easy learning path.

Khan Academy is one of the rare educational websites for students that also have courses for kindergarten and kids aged 2-7 years. Students can learn in a fun way earning badges, that keep learning interesting and constructively competitive, all that for FREE.

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Most of the education often happens outside the school. While school courses are designed to provide formal education to kids, children need to learn about science and technology, history and society, travel and geography, arts and entertainment and much more that is not often part of their school education. Britannica is one of the best educational websites for students to learn the concepts and facts related to arts, science, history, travel, technology, biology, math and much more. Britannica is essentially an encyclopedia with loads of quizzes and biographies for students to learn from.

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Best Educational Websites For College Students 

Today being a college student is an amazing thing as there are so many different resources at disposal that you can learn anything if you want to. We know college life is more than just cramming all day long, but when you decide to study, there are educational websites for college students that help you learn in the most productive way possible.


Udemy was one of the first educational websites for students that gained global recognition due to its reputable online learning courses. Not only college students but adults as well can learn from plenty of courses and studying materials on a variety of subjects that interest them. With over 45,000 different courses, you can learn about science, arts, finance, management, designing, information technology or any other subject. Udemy has a mix of free and premium courses to choose from. You can pick a course based on its rating, student reviews, and instructor profile.

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Founded by Harvard University in collaboration with MIT in 2012, Edx.org remains one of the most valuable educational websites for college students. Availing high-quality courses from some of the top universities in the world, EdX has fast become the global learning destination for millions of students and learners everywhere. There are over 140 universities and institutions offering 2500+ online courses as micro bachelor’s programs, micro master’s programs, certificate programs, xseries programs and more. The courses available on Edx.org are globally recognized for their relevant and updated content.

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For college students, it is important to learn while acquiring skills that allow them to use their knowledge practically. Coursera is one educational website for college students that allows them to browse an astounding number of topics. Students can pick a course from the available topics based on their interests. To make things easier, Coursera lets students pick the most appropriate course to learn what they are looking for by answering some simple questions. The site has partnered with some of the biggest universities, museums, and institutions to offer students, free classes. Each course has a detailed preview about the course syllabus, format, recommended background experience, materials needed and often the completion of a course awards an acknowledgment by the instructor.

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Academic Earth is based on the noble idea that education must be accessible worldwide. One of the best educational websites for college students, Academic Earth has courses for all subjects ranging from traditional to contemporary studies. College students can find degree courses for all domains including accounting, economics, engineering, and psychology. Most of the courses are created in collaboration with top universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford and Stanford University. On the portal, you will find videos and podcasts for all subjects.

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Udacity is one of the best educational websites for students who are interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Programming and Development, Autonomous Systems and Business. Founded by 4 Stanford roboticists, Udacity has many courses that are focused on improving your skillset related to science, math and digital marketing. Most of the courses are designed to be free of prerequisites, quizzes, deadlines and other stuff that makes learning interesting and fun.

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Internet doesn’t have to be an entertaining distraction but it can also be a useful tool for the education of students. We hope our list of best educational websites in India will help them learn new things, improve their skills and improve the quality of education overall.

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