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Top 10 Lingerie Brands In India: Something You Cannot Miss For Sure  

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“Lingerie”, the word whose meaning has just recently been recognized in the Indian market is getting popular day by day. You may blame the cultural awkwardness of yester years, lack of openness, bad marketing or advertising; all these things are now a thing of the past. Times are changing and so is the respect that women give to intimate clothing now.

Today, most women wish to choose lingerie set that will not just help her look great, but even make them comfortable and love her body. These reasons and many more have paved the way towards women searching for the best lingerie brands in India these days. And why not? Why to shy away for something that is a necessity? Why not openly talk about it or shop for it? Over the years, we have also seen that women have become more confident when it comes to choosing lingerie for them and they have also stopped compromising on money just to buy that perfect set of lingerie. What more, women are becoming confident and bold while shopping for their lingerie. Thus the Indian lingerie market is accepting this necessity as a part and parcel of its lifestyle. With advancement in technology, the online shopping world is growing at a fast pace and a lot of lingerie brands are coming up to enter the virtual space.

At the same time, it is important to understand what to look for in the top lingerie brand before making a purchase. While the very first thing that a shopper notices is the style, design and color of the lingerie, it is also crucial to see if the fabric will suit your skin type or not. Always go with the stuff that is comfortable yet stylish.  What you need to remember is the fact that irrespective of how attractive the design may be, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, there is no point of buying it.

While choosing the online shopping way, you may wonder as to whether the bra and panty will fit you perfectly or not. Or what if the size will not be as per your body type? To answer all your queries, the best thing is that the top lingerie brands online have a size calculator and size chart so that you can identify and buy the perfect size.

Also, no matter how attractive clothes you buy, right selection of your innerwear makes the real difference. Say for example, with a professional or formal shirt, you should opt for a padded bra, and for a T-shirt, you can go with seamless sports or T shirt bra. Same is the case with the panty. Wrong choice of your underwear can attract unwanted attention to your butts.

So, whether you wish to have lingerie for everyday casual wear or for those romantic intimate nights, we are pretty sure that you will find the perfect brand here. We have presented the best lingerie brands India below that are most preferred by the Indian customers.

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret lingerie


Considered to be a luxury brand and an expensive affair, it was founded in 1977 in USA and it is a brand that breaks away from the typical lingerie scenario. The company is the largest retailer in America and has grown immensely in India in the last few years, all thanks to its great designs, attractive styles and world class fabric. The brand manufactures a wide selection of exotic and regular wear lingerie for all tastes of customers. Victoria’s Secret lingerie sets are available online as well as at the up-market boutiques in India.


2. Bwitch

Bwitch lingerie


Another brand in India that offers great, stylish, seductive and comfortable lingerie is Bwitch. With some amazing designs in both panties and bras, this brand makes sure that it takes very good care of all loungewear and nightwear needs of the female population. It is because of this reason that the brand is packed with designer chemises, baby dolls and camisoles.

This is too a little expensive on the pocket, but the brand maintains high quality when it comes to its fabrics whether it be the regular nightwear or the intimate risqué dresses. Bwitch has a very huge variety of lingerie for contemporary women. Their styles are truly seductive and flirty. You will see that the brand gives women the option to go beyond wearing a regular bra, they aim to create a piece of garment that is beautiful and sexy. With its launch in India since a few years, the brand is picking up at a fast speed. They have a whole range of bras, panties, shape wear, sleep wear and inner wear. The brand basically caters to the needs and tastes of young, experimental and bold women.

3. La Senza

La Senza
La Senza lingerie


La Senza is the Canadian brand that provides designer, stylish lingerie. You can get sexy lingerie from La Senza at stores in India or you can even buy online. The brand ranks at top among global leaders in comfortable, basic to high fashion lingerie. Though they are fairly priced, but when you compare the style, fit and fabric, their lingerie is definitely worth the price tag.

4. Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets
Pretty Secrets lingerie


From regular everyday bra and panties to exquisite night wears and sexy camisoles, Pretty Secrets has it all. Well, the brand is well known and admired for its amazing lingerie collection like the baby dolls, satin collection, wrap gown, lacy dresses as well as bridal collection. You have the option to visit their store or simply buy online from leading shopping portals in India. Though you may find the prices to be a little on the expensive side, but it offers some great designs and styles in a quality that is surely to die for.

5. Enamor

Enamor lingerie


It is the collaboration between Gokaldas Pvt Ltd and Barbara of Paris and was introduced in the year 2003. Enamor was introduced to fill in the void of upper class Indian market. The brand aimed to cater Indian customers that are ambitious. This is why the brand provides sizes, variety and styles. Enamor offers bra sizes from 32B to 42DD so with this huge range, you will not have to go anywhere else if you are looking for such sizes. It is indeed the most loved lingerie brand in India. Mainly a piece from its Hourglass collection shape wear is the one you should definitely have. Apart from being easily available online, the brand is even available across over 1800 multi brand outlets in the country and sold through distributors. It has been regarded as the best fitting lingerie with best of embroideries and fabric laces.


6. S.O.I.E

S.O.I.E Lingerie


S.O.I.E is yet another trendy and stylish brand in India that is much loved by the Indian women. But it is so much more than just being a popular lingerie brand. Lingerie is only a section of this popular apparel brand. Dresses by S.O.I.E are exquisite and so are their night pieces. They have the best collection of designer lingerie if we may say that. From workaholic range of comfortable, all day wear sets to sexy lingerie for those special occasions, S.O.I.E surely rules the hearts of Indian women. And to add to the overall value, they have great discounts from time to time, making the lingerie pieces affordable on the pocket.


7. Amante 

Amante lingerie


Another brand in the line of luxury lingerie companies is definitely Amante. Every piece is top class and exquisite. Their range is varied with innumerable styles that are not only comfy, but have a different, seductive aura too. The brand has a huge collection categorized under different labels like night wear, active wear, bridal etc. Amante has indeed become the hottest pick for Indian women as it offers great freebies and deals, attracting more and more women towards their pieces.
It is also one of the most loved brands in India with the tagline “love yourself”. The best part about their lingerie is that the fabric is amazing and the styles are of latest trend. Amante has stores in more than 40 cities in India and is available on most popular online shopping portals. The brand was introduced in 2007 in India and since then it has captured the Indian market completely. There are 2 specialties at Amante- use of premier fabric and they follow the latest international trend.


8. Da Intimo

Da Intimo
Da Intimo lingerie


From sports and wired to laced and stylish collection, you will find all at Da Intimo. You can also shop for their lingerie online. Specially designed to let the women highlight her beauty, they have introduced the most fashionable lingerie. It is available on all leading shopping portals. The types of bras in their lingerie sets include plunge, sports, bralette, t shirt, push up, padded, support, strapless, sheer, demi cup, halter, multi way, everyday, maternity and more. If we talk about the patterns available, there are printed, self design, lace and solid to choose from.


9. Zivame

Zivame lingerie


Zivame is gaining much popularity in the markets from many years now. It is basically an online aggregator that has its offline stores as well. The brand offers a wide variety of styles and sizes when it comes to their lingerie. Launched in the year 2011, Zivame has become really famous in a very short span of time. It is indeed a one stop shop where you can get collection of amazing lingerie. From bras and panties to nightwear and sportswear, the brand has everything in stock. Also, you will simply love the great discounts available from time to time.

10. Clovia

Clovia lingerie


Clovia is one of the largest Indian lingerie manufacturers. Its name was actually “the secrets of Cloe” but later it was changed to Clovia a few years back. This change in their brand name at first made the sales figures go down but soon their journey was smooth and all the credit goes to strong positioning of the brand. Clovia has not just acquired a nice place in the Indian market, it has even won the hearts of women. The quality of fabric and comfort that their innerwear provides are amazing. Even their satin lingerie and nightwear is soft that you will not feel if you are wearing anything. If you talk about fitting and sizes, Clovia outruns other brands in this field as well. We know one thing for sure, one’s lingerie shopping cannot be complete without a handful of some great products from the brand.

The brand offers some choicest camisoles and baby dolls, not to forget the sensuous range of wrap robes, satins and bridal lingerie wear. Popular for its wide variety of luxuriant fabrics, the brand promises unmatched elegance and style.

So, these are the top 10 lingerie brands in India that offer great range of products for the Indian women. They are loved by women of all ages, natures, stature and class. Under garments are not only to hide our modesty but are worn to even enhance the confidence and beauty that comes with dressing. As we all know that lingerie is the most crucial thing in a woman’s wardrobe, it is important to make sure that you get the bet. It ensures that your breasts get the right support and comfort. We have seen that a lot of women get disheartened by the prices of branded lingerie. But you need to understand the fact that lingerie is an investment and picking the right one will add to your health.

Last but not least, you must pick the right lingerie as per your requirements. Therefore we have presented for you the top 10 lingerie brands in India here. You can buy your favorite lingerie from any of these brands and have a nice time.