Top 10 Mineral Water Brands in India (2020)

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It is safe to say that the average Indian consumer doesn’t trust his tap water for hygiene and doesn’t prefer drinking from it. Most households today boil water, else use a water filtering machine or in many cases, buy bottled mineral water.

Even when one steps outside to dine, people usually opt for mineral water than the one served at restaurants. It is no surprise then that the demand for mineral water is increasing across the country.

A decade ago, a few big wigs used to dominate the market but multiple players are filling the gap today. Competition has also helped the industry work towards several innovations.

From bottle packaging to bottle sizing and of course bringing down the pricing as well, today picking up a bottle of mineral water is neither taxing for the pocket nor a task when it comes to its availability.

And these are available in several sizes including 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre packages.

We pick the top 10 mineral water brands in India that not only enjoy great sales but have also earned their customer’s trust.

Please note – While buying mineral water, always check if the seal is broken. There are several cases reported across India where unscrupulous elements have been known to profit by not exactly selling mineral water.

1. Bisleri

Bisleri Mineral water


Almost synonymous with bottled water, Bisleri remains the undisputed King in the category of bottled mineral water. The brand in spite of all the competition, still stands tall.

In 2006, the brand changed it labelling to adopt the colour green instead of blue which by then was replicated by most of the other bottled water brands.

In terms of presentation as well, they have been leading the game with their innovative sizes and packaging. A recent addition is their 300 ml Rockstar bottle.

To take a step back in history, the brand was founded by Italian entrepreneur Signore Felice Bisleri. In 1969, FMCG giant Parle took over the brand and since then it has come to be known as Bisleri across the country.

From 250 ml to large cans of 25 litres, Bisleri offers its mineral water in various sized bottles.

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2. Aquafina

Aquafina Mineral water



From the house of PepsiCo., Aquafina began its journey with a bang, taking over quite some share of bottle drinking water from Bisleri.

The bottle packaging offered a refreshing change from the similar looking bottled water available at that point of time. The water is filtered using a five step filtration process before it is bottled, ready to be sold!

The brand is widely available across India and has a strong online presence as well.

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3. Kinley

kinley Mineral Water



Where Aquafina is from the house of PepsiCo, their competitor Coca-Cola Company offers you Kinley in the genre of bottled mineral water.

Kinley has a strong reach across India and it stands shoulder to shoulder with Aquafina when we talk of competition between both the brands.

The water before being bottled goes through a rigorous and intensive process of purification that includes over 10-step process – from disinfection, sand filtration, activated carbon filtration, 10 micron polishing filtration, reverse osmosis, 5 micron filtration, UV treatment, 1 micron polishing filtration, mineral dosing and ozone filtration.

Every 100 ml of Kinley mineral water comes with 03 mg sodium and 0.1mg of magnesium. It is available in 20-25 litre jars as well along with the regular sized bottles that can be carried while on the go.

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4. Bailey

Bailley Mineral Water



One of the top bottled mineral water brands available across the length and breadth of India, Bailley is from the stable of the Parle Agro Group.

The launch of the brand happened way back in 1993 when bottled water was considered a luxury of sorts for many in India.

The brand’s enviable reach can be attributed to its wide manufacturing footprint setup with 52 state-of-the-art bottling plants across India.

Majority of its target audience comes from South India.

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5. Manikchand Oxyrich

Manikchand Oxyrich Mineral Water



Starting their journey in 2002 from Pune, Manickchand Oxyrich now has its packaged water drinking plants across 5 cities in India – Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Haridwar.

With their first-of-its kind revolutionary patented oxygenation process, their bottled water is enriched with 300% more oxygen. Another feat that the brand has achieved is that of earning the ISO 22000: 2005 certification.


6. Kingfisher

Kingfisher Mineral Water



The King of good times in India may have fled to London but his drinking water brand – Kingfisher has been quenching thirst of Indian throats while at the go!

Though the brand is known for its beers, their water bottles are widely available across the country. Better known as Kingfisher Spring water, the brand adheres to BIS safety parameters making it one of the cleanest packaged bottled mineral water in India.

From 300 ml to large cans the sizes available make the brand apt for being carried while on the go or to be used indoors if the facility for water filtration is not available.

7. Vedica

Vedica Mineral Water



Bisleri’s Vedica is natural Himalayan water sourced from natural spring, making it fresh and pure.

Vedica natural mineral water has high pH value and it contains right blend of sulphates and other natural minerals that naturally dissolve in the body.

Rich in sulphates, which are natural detoxifying agents, Vedica carries with it the ancient secrets of nature to cleanse, restore and replenish. Priced at a premium, you can enjoy a one litre bottle of Vedica for Rs 40.

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8. Tata Water Plus

Tata-water-plus Mineral Water
Tata Water



One of the few bottled mineral water brands to have a packaging that stands tall amongst the rest, Tata Water Plus also scores high owing to the addition of various nutrients in it.

As shared on their website, they are India’s first nutrient water that the water is developed in collaboration with international scientists and Indian nutrients experts.

Tata Global Beverages in collaboration with PepsiCo launched NourishCo and this brand is a result of this joint venture. Talking about its packaging, the label is in copper brown as against blue that is the chosen colour for majority of the brands.

Tata Water Plus is enriched with minerals such as copper and magnesium that strengthen the immune system besides keeping the body hydrated.

9. Qua

Qua Mineral Water



Available at whooping cost of Rs. 60 for 500 ml, Qua by the Narang Group comes loaded with electrolytes. What makes the water expensive is its niche packaging along with its micro-filtration feature.

This is a natural and pristine mineral water from the foothills of Himalaya where it is bottled as well using French bottling technique. And the best part, the water remains untouched until opened by you!

The water is naturally enriched with calcium, magnesium, fluorides, potassium, chlorides and bicarbonates. Qua spells royalty when it comes to mineral drinking water.



10. Himalayan Natural Mineral Water

Himalayan Natural Mineral Water



Another packaged mineral drinking water brand from Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo’s join venture – NourishCo., Himalayan mineral water is well known across the country.

A lot many premium restaurants and hotels offer this brand as well. Sourced directly from the Shivalik Range in the Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan Natural Mineral Water carries the goodness of naturally filtered water that is filtered through the mountains for 20 years until it arrives in a confined aquifer 400 feet below ground.

Hold your breath to read about the various certifications and awards the brand has received over the years – it is the only natural mineral water in India to be awarded international certification by Institut De Fresenius, Germany which has granted Himalayan the highest grade for a water company.

The NSF International has certified the product quality, tested as per US FDA norms. The brand has also been approved by the US FDA.

Further, it is also certified as Genuine Natural Mineral Water, as per EU Regional Codex Standard. Not just the product, the plant where the water is bottled (Dhaula Kuan in Himachal Pradesh) is ISO 9001-2008, ISHAS 18001-2007 certified.

With all of these certifications in place, it is little wonder then that the brand comes at a premium pricing. Enjoy a 1 litre bottle for Rs. 60.

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Bottled mineral water is no longer a novelty. It is more of a need based product that one doesn’t mind spending on.

The trend of carrying water bottles from home has drastically reduced with a bottle of mineral water being easily within each one’s reach.

But a word a caution – think of the environment each time you decide to buy a bottle of water and leave it half consumed or just throw it randomly.

It not only leads to water wastage but also adds to the plastic menace being faced by the environment. Use the empty bottles to plant your plants or you can even check on the various plastic recycling options available.