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2018’s Top Online Furniture Websites & Brands in India

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Furniture is an integral part of our lives and we’re constantly shopping for new pieces to replace old ones or looking for entire ensembles to redo a room or even an entire house, or even an office or commercial space.

Online shopping has made our lives easier and this applies to shopping for furniture too.

With a wide variety of reliable online furniture websites offering wide ranges of furniture to suit every kind of space, not to mention special offers, home delivery, interior design consultation, and much more, it’s no wonder that shopping for furniture online is quite common these days.

Here’s a list of our picks of the 9 best online furniture shopping stores in India where you can get high quality furniture at competitive pricing with good buyer protection programs and return policies.

Top Furniture Stores in India

1. Pepperfry


Pepperfry online furniture stores

Pepperfry is one of the best known online furniture stores with a reputation for good designs, good service and of course, a wide and wonderful collection that extends beyond furniture to include lighting, furnishings, and décor accessories too.

Pepperfry also has a massive delivery network that spans the country making them widely available across India.

Take a look at the website here

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2. Urbanladder

Urbanladder online shop for furniture

From a starting catalogue with just 35 designs Urban Ladder has grown into a one stop online shop for customers looking for furniture to upgrade a room to doing up a new house entirely.

They also provide interior design consultation and have an exchange feature where you can get a discount for the furniture you are disposing off to make room for the new stuff.

Take a look at the online store here

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3. Wooden Street


Wooden Street online furniture store

Find furniture for every room, nook and cranny of your house at this online furniture store, and if you don’t find something that ticks all the boxes for you, you can get your pieces customised too.

As the name suggests, this store only has wooden furniture. If you’re a fan of wood then this is your shopping Mecca for sure!

Feast your eyes here


4. Fabindia


Fabindia - furniture in traditional and modern designs

Though very well known for its garments, home furnishing and décor, Fabindia has a wonderful range of furniture in traditional and modern designs in mango, acacia, sheesham and other woods too.

What stands out is the little details that add accents on various pieces like a colourful tile, a bit of carving, or an eye-catching fabric for upholstery.

Check out their furniture here

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5. Bent chair


Bent chair - Online furniture store

Bent Chair is the place for modern, quirky, and very contemporary furniture that blends design and functionality with personality.

From dark Baroque pieces to funky modern bits, you will be amazed at the selection here.

Check them out here


6. Furnspace


Online furniture retailer Furnspace

Online furniture retailer Furnspace has solutions for every room in the house and for the outdoors too.

With free shipping, free installation and even an easy returns policy in place, the shopping experience at this store is quite stress-free.

Customers can also opt for cash on delivery and they also offer purchases on easy installments.

It goes without saying that the range of furniture on offer is fantastic and there’s something to appeal to every taste, be it kitschy modern or elegantly classic.

Browse the entire collection here



7. Furniturewala


Furniturewala Online luxurious furniture store

Furniturewala has an eclectic mix of luxurious furniture in wood, metal, glass, leather and other materials.

Browse through different categories for furniture for every part of the house and pick up accessories and décor pieces to match, all at one place.

This online store is a haven for the shopper looking for a touch of luxury in their home.

Take a look here


8. Hometown


Hometown - Online buying furniture and furnishings décor

Hometown has furniture, furnishings, décor, modular kitchens and a lot more, all easily available online.

Look through the conveniently categorised website to find exactly what you’re looking for, be it a recliner for the living room or a study table for the kids’ room.

See the entire range here


9. @home


@home Furniture solutions at affordable prices

Furniture solutions at affordable prices is the mission statement of the brand @home and their online store is testimony to it.

Look around for sofas, dining sets, bedroom furniture, storage solutions, and lots more, all with the click of your mouse.

Benefit from professional guidance while buying furniture, learn about loan options, get your furniture home delivered, and make the most of the amazing discount deals on the website.

Visit the @home online store here


Hope you enjoy shopping for your furniture at these online shops! To facilitate your shopping further, we have identified the Top 5 Furniture Brands in the country.

These brands have built their reputation over the years with good products, good service, and a track record of high customer satisfaction.

Here are five of the best Indian furniture brands today.


Top Furniture Brands in India

1. Durian


Durian furniture

A trusted and well known furniture brand Durian has been furnishing homes and offices for more than 30 years.

With 33 on ground stores and an online store, it is very easy to shop for Durian furniture.

New designs and categories have been added regularly expanding the range and reach of this furniture brand not only across the country but to different clients – private homes, corporate spaces, and more.

The company hopes to become the primary provider of office desks and storage solutions in the country.

Check it out here


2. Fabindia


Fabindia furniture

Very popular with millennials and the young families, Fabindia furniture is one of the leading furniture brands today.

With plenty of stores spanning the length and breadth of the country furniture from Fabindia is easily available and that has also made it popular.

Good quality materials, clean designs with attention to detail, and fairly affordable prices have also contributed to its popularity.

The fact that the brand itself is all about being green and being natural is reflected in the furniture and serves a huge section of the market that these principles appeal to.

Check them out here

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3. Godrej Interio


furniture manufactured by Godrej Interio

Most of us have grown up with a ‘Godrej cupboard’ as part of the furniture in the house.

In fact the Godrej Storwel was so ubiquitous that similar cupboards manufactured by other companies were referred to as Godrej cupboards, making the brand a generic term for steel cupboards.

The brand is still as strong, albeit modernised to include a wider range of furniture and not limited to furniture for homes only.

Godrej Interio now manufactures furniture for offices, hospitals, educational institutions, and many other categories making it a top brand in those sectors too.

Check out their range here


4. Damro


Damro best furniture brands

With a huge network of showrooms all over the country, Damro is one of the leading furniture brands today.

Long lasting pieces at affordable rates is the main claim of this company and they are delivering exactly that.

So it’s no surprise that Damro is one of the best furniture brands in India today.

The company has furniture for homes and offices. Using an assortment of wood, metal, glass, and other materials the product range is wide catering to varied tastes and budgets.

Check it out here


5. Nilkamal


Nilkamal furniture

Nilkamal revolutionized the affordable furniture market with its sturdy and stylish plastic furniture.

From lightweight stack-able chairs to collapsible and portable tables, storage cupboards, and garden furniture, this brand made furniture is available to a huge segment of the market – the budget segment.

A stunning range of colourful kids’ furniture in durable plastic only added to the success of the brand which successfully expanded beyond the budget furniture sector.

Today the Nilkamal range includes customised furniture for schools, homes, offices, garden furniture, storage solutions and lots more.

Check them out here


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