12 Best Places for Home Decor Online Shopping in India

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Home is where the heart is. There couldn’t have been a better adage to accentuate the need to have a well designed home. It is the interiors of your home that truly reflects your personality. We know how cumbersome it is to pick that one flower vase that would be in sync with your idea of a perfect colour and shape to stand neat on the table or at the corner of the wall. Check these 12 portals to get yourself some exquisite home decor products.

1. Engrave

Want to lay your hands on art and artifacts for your home from around India? Engrave.in is the place for you. They call themselves – the Maker’s Market and serve as a platform for unique furniture, art, craft, home décor and fashion created by artisans across India. You wouldn’t find anything that is mass produced. Each of their products is well picked and well distinguished. The portal also gives you the option to having your home décor product customized from the artisans that they have on board. A must visit portal if you are looking at getting yourself something truly different.

Check it out here

2. Address Home

Now that would be the address you need to keep in mind for some exquisite luxury home décor options to choose from. The portal specializes in niche home décor including a very good range of tableware to choose from. The segregation of each category is done based on either themes or colors. For e.g. their options under bed lined have royal colors to choose from – off white and gold, purple and champagne, rust and coral etc. A must visit on this portal woud be their candleware section.

Check it out here

3. INVHome

We would read this on behalf of all those who visit your home…they would most certainly read this as – I Envy their Home! Jokes apart, this is a phenomenally niche portal with rarest of rare products to choose from. Check their Mini Object sections. It is worth a kill! Do not visit this portal if you are planning to pick something up for gifting as odds are that you would end up collecting all for yourself.

Check it out here

4. Wishing Chair

This is a place to visit if you are on a look-out for quirky home décor options. Each of the products listed are curated to look like no other and have a feminine touch to them. So if you are a man out there looking at surprising the lady in your life with something she would love to put on her wall or have by her bedside, this is the portal you need to click upon. We are super impressed with their tea-pot collection amongst other things.

Check it out here

5. Just For Decor

Log on to this portal and what shall catch your attention are the category subheads – Fire Place, Objects of Curiosity, Luxury Living etc. Each of the products are steeply priced but then who is complaining! Luxury doesn’t come cheap, anyways! This portal has an exclusive category dedicated to cocks which is then sub divided to give you options to choose from – from modern clocks to kitchen clocks to retro and many more. An extremely niche portal to lay your hands on stuff that is royal and very premium.

Check it out here

6. Home Sakehomesake

The differentiating factor for this portal would be the price points at which they have their range on offer. Check their jewellery box section. Each one of the boxes are splendid to say the least. The antique glass craft is eye catching as well. A perfect option to lay your hands on small unique home décor products that would add a dash of glitter and glamour to your home.

Check it out here

7. MaddHome

Do not miss the extra ‘d’ in the name and do not miss visiting their rugs and carpet section. From leather rugs to shaggy rugs, the collection is spectacular.

Under their home décor section, they have a well stocked up category for cushions which again is simply adorable. They have recently added baby and kid section that would help you get some really quirky décor items for your little munchkins.

Check it out here

8. Art Livo

‘Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love’, this is the message that would welcome you to their portal. We were amazed to see that they had a mixed price range catering to suit your needs as per your budget. Indian artifacts are attractively priced luring you to pick them up and add a touch of ethnicity to your home décor. Their puppet collection is fantastic. We quite liked their Boxes category as well. From vintage boxes to those with a touch of contemporary modern look and feel, there is something for everyone. Do not forget to check their Bird House collection under their Outdoor section. Extremely impressive.

Check it out here

9. Gulmohar Lane

If you are fancy leather furniture for your haven, this is the place for you to visit. Amongst other superbly crafted and curated furniture and home décor items, their section offering leather furniture is fantastic. Gulmoharlane.com has on board age old artisans who work under the designers to give you your perfect bed, sofa and other furniture that you want them to customize for you. The ready stock too is curated keeping in mind the style, design and durability factor on an equal scale.

Check it out here

10. Pepperfry

At first the name can mislead one to believe it would be a gourmet store but then we are pretty close nonetheless. It may not be a gourmet store to satiate our taste buds but it is surely one for our home décor needs. From home decor knick knacks to hard core furnishing needs to event electrical and hardware, www.pepperfry.com has it all! The icing on the cake are the 24 x 7 discounts and offers running almost of everything they stock. Each section on the portal is well segmented – for e.g. you will find specific products for your spiritual needs to taking care of your housekeeping needs.

Check it out here

11. Urban Ladder

The name speaks for itself here. Dedicated to the needs of an urban home, this portal is well equipped with modern and contemporary décor and furniture options. The portal also has a dedicated section for commercial buying. Urbanladder.com is one of the most prominent online home furnishing and home décor portals today with well conceptualized sections and categories. There are customer reviews and stories to guide you through your decision and the icing on the cake is the exchange offers that run on the portal.

Check it out here

12. Fab Furnish

Get ready to be spoilt for choice. From amazing bar furniture to kitchen storage and a whole lot more! True to its name, it is simply all fab! Carefully packed products are their forte. A part of the Future Group, www.fabfurnish.com is a one- stop destination of al your home furnishing and home décor needs. Their home décor option is fantastically segmented to take you to exactly what you are looking for. We were impressed with the search option of finding décor based on the choice of material – paper, canvas, plastic, wood etc.

Check it out here


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