Top 15 Real Estate & Property Search Websites in India (2020)

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~House hunting made easy with various online portals~

Roti, kapda and makaan! If these three are in place, it paves way for peace of mind to take on challenges and work towards achieving life goals – be it professionally or personally.

Where fulfilling the need for roti and kapda aka food and clothing isn’t that daunting a task, the challenge of finding the right home can be quite stressful!

The entire process of getting in touch with brokers, going and checking the property, negotiating the rate etc take mammoth effort and time.

To ease things out, we list down top 15 real estate portals in India you can rely on when you are on your mission of house hunting, be it for rent or purchase of new property.


1. - property booking website Website



They revolutionized the concept for house hunting the way Uber and Ola have revolutionized the way we commute.

Listing for the property to be given on rent or for sale is as easy here as it is when it comes to looking for one.

And the best part is, they have each corner of India covered. You can even opt to select only those properties that are listed by the owners in case you wish to save on the brokerage amount.

Key in your budget, the areas you prefer, the kind of space you are looking for and voila! Hundreds of options shall be before you.

They also ensure to call you at regular intervals to check in case you have managed to find the property you were looking for. And they also help arrange for home loans.

2. - India listing of properties for sale Website



Soon after MagicBricks got people used to searching for properties online, we saw a lot many other interesting options for online real estate websites coming up. is another prominent name it this genre. They too have a pan India listing of properties for sale, purchase and rent across 25 plus cities within the country.

Catering primarily to real estate developers, builders and brokers they are an apt choice when it comes to buying a property or investing in any upcoming project.


3. Website Website



The listings here are not as extensive as you would find on the above two portals.

But we do recommend you visit them as the properties listed are decent and limited so it’s a clutter free experience.

With close attention paid to user experience, product and analytics, the overall experience of working with is positive.


4. - online properties booking website Website

VISIT NOW took online property searching to another level altogether when they launched themselves a couple of years back.

Here only those properties that were visited by the agents were listed with actual pictures of the properties.

Each of the pictures are arranged in a sequence and labeled as well for ease of understanding and choosing wisely.

The agents  listed are certified by them and you shall see a ‘*” sign against their names.

They have gradually expanded to cover majority of the key Indian cities and towns. Searching for a property here is a fantastic experience and unlike other portals, the filters are very well set.

5. online properties booking website Website



It is more for real estate professionals as there are umpteen new projects listed. They do not have a strong database of houses available on rent.

Though, you can still check the options out as they cover over 200 cities across India with over 5 lakh active property listings and 1,000 new projects as well.

Apart from the listings, they also maintain a vast repository of research related to property, ranging from legal issues to maintenance facility management to home insurance among many others.


6. online properties booking website Website



Research, Explore, Assistance. These three tabs on the homepage guide you through the portal.

Where the options for properties available on rent are extremely limited, they have good options for new projects and properties for sale.

You can read in-depth reports on the location of your choice and also reports on hot selling properties/projects. They also guide you through the entire home loan process.


7. - online properties booking website Website



Launched in 2013, they are a part of They are sure to be your guiding angel if you are looking for a PG or a shared accommodation.

The properties listed here are directly from the source hence you can be rest assured to not having to spend on the brokerage.

You will have to struggle a bit to set the filters and understand the way in which they have listed the properties.

Log in here only if you are looking for a house on rent or looking for PG/shared accommodation. They do not have properties listed for sale.


8. - online properties booking website Website



Listed mostly by individuals, offers the option to buy as well as rent properties.

The best part about checking the options here is the date mentioned against each listing.

This helps you save the trouble of calling and checking on the availability in case you see that the listing is old.

Another thing here that is helpful is that majority of the house owners make it clear on their choice of tenants thus saving you the embarrassment to call and be refused an accommodation in case you do not fit in their criterion.


9. - online properties booking website  Website



They have live listings! They have been one of the major players to offer good options for buying and selling of everything – properties included! They are perfect for local property search.


10. - Website



They are an online real estate advisory portal with an exhaustive range of property listings.

They will guide you from the very beginning of your journey of buying a house.

You can browse through more than 139,000 verified real estate property listings with complete information on the amenities provided and neighbourhood.

They also help you with home loans and property registration formalities.


11. - online properties booking website Website



Amongst all mentioned above, we found them to have a very user friendly navigation feature and the properties listed are accompanied by relevant information and pictures as well.

The detailed procedure can be accessed through the buy, sell and rent tabs on top right half of the home page.

Explanatory text and tool tips will guide you as you proceed to use various features on the site.


12. Website



A part of TTK Property Services, they offer options for buying, selling and renting properties across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

The properties listed under them remain mostly exclusive to them.

We quite liked the way they have gone ahead to share the listings which is easy for the eyes and helps narrow down on properties that meet with your requirement.

They are a platform which makes it easy for you to get the right information on property paperwork or other property issues.



13. online properties booking website Website



Operational in 10 cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Guragaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Hyderabad and Pune they offer rental options where one can choose between shared rooms, private rooms and full homes.

You can schedule your visit by putting in the time of your visit to check the property first hand. You can then even pay the token amount online to book the room/bed.

Collect points by referring the portal to friends and family. This one is specially conceptualised for the youth.

The Unique Selling Point of NestAway is that it benefits both tenant and house owners. It provides complete details about the tenant and 20% – 30% more income to house owners.

At the same time it provides information to tenants, about houses listed in all the localities.


14. Indian Real Retail Estate

Indian Real Retail Estate online properties booking website
Indian Real Retail Estate Website



They offer information about apartments and gated communities.

They are not the destination to look for properties but instead, you can log in here to have a discussion on the property you are planning to buy/rent.

The reason we have included them here is to help you out with discussion with experts in case you are confused about how much to invest and where with regards to property purchase.


15. - house/property available online Website



If you are looking at investing in a property, it is a must for you to check them out.

Here you can find tools to generate comparative analysis across various verticals like location, specifications, conveniences, costs and design of the house/property.

PropChill is launched with the aim to bridge the gap and provide an in depth, nonpartisan, granular analysis of properties in India for you to take in a wise decision.

Next time you decide to change your abode, do remember to check on the various options available online before you get in touch with your broker.


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