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Sports drinks are the latest concept in India that has gained momentum over the last decade only. Awareness about these drinks is gradually increasing and so is the demand. These drinks contain vital vitamins and minerals that are needed for the human body, the reason behind growing popularity of these drinks. Well, speaking of statistics, India’s sports drink market was USD 310.5 million in the year 2017 and it is expected to get a CAGR of 4.6 percent during the years 2018 to 2023.

Sports drinks are divided into different categories i.e. hypotonic (electrolytes, fluids and less carbs), isotonic (electrolytes, fluids and 6-8% carbs) and hypertonic (high levels of carbs). You will be amazed to know that the isotonic holds the biggest share in the Indian sports drink market. And the main ingredients used in the popular sports drinks include vitamins, minerals, sugar, electrolytes etc.

What makes a good sport drink?

Hydration is important to keep the endurance level high. Water is just not sufficient to keep your body hydrated but how do you get sufficient electrolytes? Sports drinks are thus the best way to get electrolytes and stay active when participating in sports activities. Essentials of a good sports drink include:


Sodium serves to be the main electrolyte that is lost when we sweat, closely followed by potassium. Trained people have low sodium content in sweat. So by maintaining normal sodium level by taking sports drinks is crucial for your brain to function.


Carbohydrates are the much preferred medium of fuel and to maintain that level of performance. Taking carbohydrates through sports drinks keeps your intensity level up and energy high. Carbs are also required to replenish energy after physical activity to refuel and recover for the next time.


As the case with carbohydrates, the type and amount of electrolyte are the main factors in a sports drink. Electrolytes like sodium contribute in determining the amount of fluid consumed and how much of that fluid remains in your body. Similarly, potassium helps to prevent muscles from pains and cramping.


The taste or flavour of the drink makes all the difference. Research and studies have shown that athletes and exercisers drink more sports drinks that have a good flavour.

How are they different from energy drinks?

As sports drinks are electrolyte based, in energy drinks on the other hand, the main ingredient is caffeine. Caffeine speeds up the central nervous system and thus the mind tells the body to keep working. This simply means that when the effects of energy drink gets down, so is the energy level of the user.

As per a recently issued report of Bonafide Research ‘India Energy 7 Sports Drinks Market Outlook 2021’, the size of sports and energy drink market is believed to cross the mark of INR 2500 crores by the year 2021. In fact, the sports drinks market has a massive potential in the future and thus the growing number of players entering this segment is one of the reasons for the same. These drinks also contain the essential nutrients that work towards rejuvenating your body and boosting energy. Thus, sports drinks have become a norm in the fitness field. With a lot of flavors and varieties available, every brand claims to offer the top quality sports drink for athletes, sportspersons and gym freaks.

We have already discussed about the top 7 energy drinks in India. In this post, we will be taking you to a list of best sports drinks in India. Have a look below and make the right choice.


Crunk Energy Drink


With this drink, energy goes well beyond your average energy source as it is naturally fuelled with a strong blend of energizing herbs as well as rich botanicals. With Crunk, there is no better way of quenching your thirst. The drink is great taste hydration backed by powerful and beneficial blend of immune boosting and energy producing herbs.

The hype around the drink is REAL. CRUNK has emerged to be a powerful drink distinguishing itself from other sports drinks when it comes to flavour profiles, natural ingredients and botanical and herbal formulation.



Cloud9 Energy Drink


Let’s believe it, finding the much needed energy for family, work and fun is just like finding life on Mars. Soon you hit the wall or fall flat on the floor. So what to do? Just grab a soda or cola or coffee? But do these all last before you need more of that energy again? Fortunately, you can have Cloud9, the sports drink for all your answers. Some people even consider it as an energy drink. Well, it is a drink that gets you fuelled up and all set to do. Break all boundaries with a single sip. The drink has the perfect combination of 9 berries. So what are you waiting for? Go wild with this amazing combination of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, elderberry, red currant and cranberry. This blend makes a perfect, highly nutritional drink.



Gatorade Energy Drink


Replenish with this famous drink and make it happen. The electrolytes present replenish and helps to replace the electrolytes that are lost in sweating. This sports drink is a way to replace the lost fluids and electrolytes. Further, it is featured with carbohydrates that offer you the much needed energy that you need during and after exercise. Gatorade contains synthetic food colour as well as added flavours


Powerade Energy Drink


Powerade is yet another sports drink which offers advanced hydration for those who are serious about their sport. 6 percent carbohydrate solution offers energy to the working muscles. It further provides vitamins B6, B12 and B3. It is the drink with ION4 advanced electrolyte system that helps in replenishing the 4 electrolytes lost in sweating. With this drink, you can push up your game with its 10 flavours- Orange, Mountain berry blast, Fruit punch, Strawberry lemonade, Lemon lime, Grape, Melon, Tropical mango, Lemonade and White cherry. Marketed by the Coca Cola Company, the drink’s main competitor is Gatorade from PepsiCo brand.

Powerade is rich in sugar and sodium. So if you are not an everyday workout freak, the drink may cause some water retention and weight gain.


Moto Energy Drink


Moto, the originally made in UAE drink has also got its place and share in the Indian sports drink market now. The drink is a unique beverage that blends all elements which make an energy rink and offers amazing taste. The best part about this sports drink is that it is simple yet amazing to drink and look. The drink is further poised to reach to pan-India customers with its biggest distribution network involving 20 professional and experienced stockists along with 200 distributors. The ambition of the brand is to represent UAE’s lifestyle, values and heritage to the Indian customers.

Unived RRUNN

Unived RRUNN
Unived RRUN


Unived is the Mumbai based company that offers health drinks. It provides the RRUNN series of drinks for electrolyte replacement before, during as well as after your workout sessions. The drink offered are purely vegan and they do not contain and caffeine or dairy. The brand further offers different products- sachets and jars of electrolyte mix. Each of them is available in different formulations like pre workout, post workout and during workout.

The ‘pre’ RRUNN drink is the brilliant concoction done by blending high glycemic and low glycemic carbs, providing you the much needed energy boost when taken 15 minutes before your exercise session. The ‘during’ RRUNN drink provides complete electrolyte replenishment during the workout period when consumed every 30 minutes or so. This contains the essential electrolytes- magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, amino acids, carbohydrates and osmolyte to help the sportsmen to maintain electrolyte level during hard exercise routine. And the ‘post’ RRUNN drink helps to replenish the lost electrolytes and it relaxes the tired muscles, it should be taken 45 minutes after a workout session to prevent any cramped or sore muscles.

So, in all, the hydration drinks have the aims like providing energy boost, preventing dehydration, easing stress on muscles, faster absorption of electrolytes and helping athletes to reach the performance level faster. We hope this guide will help you choose the best sports drink in India. Let us know your feedback through comments and we will share them with our readers.


So, in all, the hydration drinks have the aims like providing energy boost, preventing dehydration, easing stress on muscles, faster absorption of electrolytes and helping athletes to reach the performance level faster. We hope this guide will help you choose the best sports drink in India. Let us know your feedback through comments and we will share them with our readers. You can decide on which sports drink to have depending on your needs and requirements. It has been seen that people choose their favourite drink depending on the taste too.

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