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Top 11 Web Hosting Companies- Your Decision Made Easy

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Web hosting companies are a lot and while some of them are reliable brands, some just lure customers with dirt-cheap prices. If you are on this page then most probably you were looking for the best web hosting companies and don’t have much knowledge about the industry. We strongly recommend that first you familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of web hosting. There are a number of factors that make a web hosting company reliable like uptime, load times, type of control panel, bandwidth limit, backup types and much more. A general understanding of these technicalities will help you make an educated choice.

GreatBuyz has done all the legwork for you and put together a detailed guide on how to choose a web hosting company. Give it a quick read and then you will be able to pick the most suited option from the top 11 web hosting companies we have picked for you.

Top 11 Web Hosting Companies

1. Blue-host


Bluehost can be considered as a market leader when it comes to web hosting. With an average uptime of 99.99% and speed of 0.41ms, you won’t find a better hosting service. The introductory price of Bluehost includes features like free web domain, free website builder, one-click script installation for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. For starters, Bluehost is an excellent choice as it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Setting up and managing websites is simple and straightforward as they offer built-in cPanel which is an admin panel. Bluehost offers unmetered bandwidth while the storage varies between 50GB to unlimited depending on the hosting package. Free SSL certificate (HTTPS://) is also included with all hosting plans.

The only complain is there is no free website transfer and you will have to $149 to get your website migrated to Bluehost servers.


Best Uptime (99.99%)

Fast Load Time (0.41ms)

Easy to use hosting admin panel

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

24/7 support-email, chat and call support

Cons: No Free Site Migrations

What customers have to say

“I am running my online store for years now, but have little technical knowledge of things behind the scene. When I needed to change the web hosts, I was anxious, I was recommended Bluehost by one of my friends. I was amazed by how easy was it to migrate my website. Almost everything was done for me automatically.”-Bradley Sherwell

“My blog has a humble beginning but soon it grew and started getting up to 10,000 visitors every day. The hosting service I had failed miserably to cope up with the increased traffic which is when I decided to switch to Bluehost. My blog is still growing but this time without slowing down, thanks to Bluehost.”-Naveen Pathak

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2. GoDaddy


No other brand out there is as popular as GoDaddy when it comes to domain registration. The domain registrar is also one of the best web hosting companies in the world. However, with an uptime of 99.97% and load speed of 500ms, we know that GoDaddy is not ideal as it is expected to be.

Unmetered bandwidth, free website builder and high-performance hardware is there, still, GoDaddy is not the preferable choice when it comes to web hosting most probably because of their shady tricks to charge you for email accounts, backups, SSL certificates and more. Add inefficient support to the mix, and it fails miserably at offering complete customer satisfaction.


Good Uptime (99.97%)

Fast Load Time (0.52ms)

Extensive set of features

Reliable brand

Email, chat and call support

Cons: Inefficient Support

What customers have to say

“Not the best out there. Go Daddy is unexceptional when it comes to domain registrations, but expect the same reliability and quality for web hosting.”-David Crawford

 “While I was comfortable with Go Daddy’s web hosting plans and services, I was surprised to see how frequently they change their price plans. I won’t recommend you to get stuck with their vicious price manipulations.”-N. Karthik

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3. Big Rock


One of the biggest hosting companies in India BigRock is ideal for personal sites and small businesses. Offering guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, the web host also offers many other features like free CDN, both Linux and Windows shared hosting, free website migration and c Panel.

We recommend BigRock if the majority of traffic on your website is from Indian sub-continent. As their servers are primarily in India, your website will be blazing fast if it is located in India.


99.9% uptime

24/7 customer support over phone, email and chat

Free domain registration

Cons: No free automated backups

What customers have to say

“I was sceptical at the beginning of hosting my website with BigRock given their dirt cheap hosting prices. 2 years later I have 4 websites hosted on BigRock servers and I am happy to have found them.”-Kapiel

“Although the hosting plans are awesome for someone who is just getting started with web hosting. I still feel the customer support is poor.”-Keshav

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4. A2Hosting


If you are looking for the best-shared web hosting, then you will not find one better than the A2 Hosting. The US-based web hosting company has managed to offer 336ms of average load time for its users. All A2hosting plans offer unlimited storage and bandwidth with features like free SSL, site migration and domain name.

However, the restrictions made on the shared hosting plan like one website, only five databases, exclusion of add-ons, etc. is a problem. Also, 99.92% of uptime is not going to work for most webmasters.

Still, we recommend A2Hosting for its awesome shared hosting performance and starting price of just $3.92/month.


Fastest Load Time (0.34ms)

Free site migration

24/7 Efficient Support-only chat and email support


Cons: Uptime could be better (99.92%)

What customers have to say

“A2Hosting truly is an excellent choice for shared hosting but what bothers me is the uptime. Not only the frequency of downtime time but the duration of each episode is also long. At times it takes them hours to restore their services after their servers go down.”-Waseem

“Five stars for support service alone. Over the years I have switched between half a dozen of web hosting services but none offered as effective customer support like them.”-Travis

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5. HostGator Cloud


HostGator is already an established web hosting company. The HostGator Cloud builds on the same reliability with unlimited bandwidth, storage space and email accounts. Offering an uptime of 99.98% and 432ms load time, this web hosting service needed worth the consideration. Additionally, you get free site migration which is awesome.

With servers located all over the world, HostGator Cloud will serve your website well no matter where the target visitors are located. If you have a WordPress site, then it is one of the best web hosting for you.

If your website has scaling needs for resources, then HostGator Cloud might be the best service for you.


Good uptime (99.98%)

Fast Load Time (0.43ms)

No storage/bandwidth limit

Free site migration

24/7 support over call, live chat and email

Cons: Higher Renewal Cost

What customers have to say

“I had a good time since I migrated my eCommerce store to HostGator Cloud 2 years ago. The uptime has been appreciable and it has always had help through customer support whenever I needed it.”– Matt

“Although the unlimited storage and bandwidth are true, I have below expected experience with HostGator Cloud. I tried setting up my WordPress site and the process was complicated more than required.”-John Galt

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6.  Hostinger


Cheapest of the lot, Hostinger has quality web hosting plans starting at just a very affordable price. But cheap doesn’t mean poor, Hostinger has one of the best uptime and load speed of all the web hosting companies on the list. With an uptime of 99.91% and load speed of 0.37ms, you can expect above-average performance for your website.

Hostinger has data centres and servers on all 7 continents that means no matter from which location traffic comes to your website, their servers will perform efficiently. Unfortunately, the cheaper basic plans do lack a lot of features like SSL certificate and priority support.


Cheapest quality hosting service

Fast Load Time (0.37ms)

Datacenters on all 7 continents

30 Days Money Back

24/7 support-email and live chat

Cons: SSL Not Included

What customers have to say

“I started with their free hosting plan and soon converted to their premium shared hosting package. It’s been 3 years and I am completely satisfied with their service. There are some minor issues now and then, but they are resolved almost instantly.”-Rajeev Midha

“I am just wondering why I did not saw them earlier. Before migrating to Hostinger I was spending more than $40 on hosting service alone, but now I save a lot on hosting cost.”-Laurel

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7. SiteGround


SiteGround has hosting plans starting at $3.95/month. It is obvious that the web hosting service is not the cheapest on the list. However, when you look at features like free SSL certificates, CDN, site migration and daily backups, it encourages you to spend more. If you are looking forward to hosting a WordPress website on SiteGround servers then you will be surprised how intuitive site management is through their admin panel.

But not all is good about their hosting service. You will be limited to only 10GB of storage space and to make things harder only 10,000 monthly visitors.


Very Good Uptime (99.99%)

Premium WordPress hosting

Fast Support-email, live chat and call

Free Site Migration

Cons: Limited Storage Space

What customers have to say

“I can’t say there is anything to complain about SiteGround. However, the renewal cost is too high given that hosting plan features are not that impressive.”-Ashok Gehlot

“I found SiteGround just in time to migrate my website before my other hosting service plan expired. The support team was marvellous at migrating my website to their servers without a hitch.”-Sabina Clayton

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8. Dreamhost


With over 4 lakh active customers across the globe, DreamHost is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. Their servers are home to over 1.5million websites that enjoy 99.96% uptime on average with a 719ms load times.

DreamHost was founded in 1996 and now it has grown to become one of the top web hosting companies in the world. Even with a 97-day money-back guarantee and unmetered bandwidth, DreamHost is at the last spot in our review because of its lack of cPanel and live support. Both these features are now expected from every web hosting company.


Unlimited Bandwidth

97-Day Money-Back Guarantee


24/7 support-email and live chat

Cons: No c Panel

What customers have to say

“I recommend DreamHost at every opportunity I get. I have been hosting my websites with them for 7 years now and the experience has been nothing short of excellent. They do lack live chat support, but all your queries are addressed quickly.”-April

“I am a fulltime developer who uses DreamHost for hosting mock sites for client approval. Though I am satisfied with the performance of their servers, the complexity of their control panel is troublesome. For clients, the absence of c Panel raises concerns about ease of use.”-P Naresh

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9. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

One would expect anything Google to rank at top but Google Cloud Platform is rightfully placed at the ninth spot on the list. Google Cloud Platform has an uptime of 99.9% which is on par with its competitors but we expected it to be best. An uptime of 99.9% means 8.77 hours of downtime every year while the uptime of 99.99% implies a downtime of 52.60 minutes every year. You know which one is expected from Google. Furthermore, the Google Cloud Platform has a complex infrastructure that is a blessing if you have AI or Machine Learning applications to build, but a simple web hosting will require a little effort on your part.


Excellent infrastructure

24/7 support-chat, email and call

99.9% uptime



What customers have to say

“I can’t complain of the high prices because Google offers me a cloud platform to run the most sophisticated applications.”-Bill

“Google Cloud Platform is an IaaS provider. It means it leases its infrastructure for high-level APIs and not just website hosting. If you have a gigantic web site to run, by all means, choose Google as the hosting company.”-Joseph Gildred

Visit Google Cloud


10. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting company that launched its first server in 2011. What makes this New York based web hosting company is its focus on developers. It provides developers with impressive capabilities to launch apps faster. Offering an average uptime of 99.99% and top load times of 218ms, you can rely on Digital Ocean to launch your apps in the best environment conducive of growth and performance.


Fantastic uptime of 99.99%

Fast load times at an average of 357ms

Customizable pricing

Daily backups

Cons: Limited customer support-only email support is available

What customers have to say

“There’s no complaint about the features offered by Digital Ocean. However, if you are a super basic user, this web host can be tedious for you to handle.”-Robert Desimone

“If you compare the pricing with other web hosts in the context of the hardware specifications, Digital Ocean is an excellent choice.”-Mark

Visit Digital Ocean


11. iPage


iPage is a web hosting company that offers 99.97% uptime that is an excellent feature given the fact it offers web hosting at $1.99/month. Furthermore, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth, free SSL certification and email accounts. There is a lot to offer by iPage, still, we recommend this web hosting company only for small-time webmasters.

First of all, there’s no cPanel which means you will be on your own to manage different aspects of the server and your website. Also, the purported “unlimited” bandwidth and storage aren’t what one would expect. There are limitations to it.


Strong Uptime at an average 99.97%


Enhanced Security Options

Excellent support-24/7 live chat, email and phone support

Cons: No cPanel

What customers have to say

“It started cheap with iPage as they were one of the most affordable web hosting companies at the time I was looking. But one year later my hosting plan price was almost tripled!!”-Marc

“I host two of my hobby sites with iPage and I genuinely never had any issues. There are tons of features and excellent customer support to look into any issues I experience.”-Nicole

Visit Ipage



Web hosting is the engine that powers your websites. Go wrong with choosing a reliable web hosting company and you will end up suffering for months. Site migrations become a headache too. Which is why it is better to start on the right foot and host your website with the top hosting companies that offer the best uptime, unmetered storage and bandwidth and fast load times.

We already have picked the best hosting companies for you. Do mention in the comments if you have any suggestions or if we missed on a web host you think deserves to be on the list.

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