Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Office

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Valentine’s Day is marketed as the day of romance. While really speaking, it’s the day of celebration of love.

And love is not restricted to your husband and wife, or girlfriend or boyfriend. It extends to all the people who care for you, and enrich your life with their presence.

That could be your parents, your siblings, your friends and it includes your colleagues with whom you spend the maximum time of your life. In fact, it’s a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day in office.

It’s encouraging, its unique, its fun and its sure to make some fabulous memories for all the people involved in the celebration.

Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in office, and some tips to make the celebration a super hit.

1. Start Early

Start Early
Start Early

Send a short and sweet invite to the staff to block their date.

Include text that says something like, “You mean the world to us. And we’d like to take you on a date on Valentine’s Day. Please say yes.”

This will spread a little excitement in office and also ensure maximum attendance.


2. Dress code

Dress code
Dress Code



Keep a formal dress code. It makes for lovely pictures.

If you don’t want to go for the clicked red and white dress code, you can choose to go with a red carpet theme where you ask the girls to dress in gowns and men to dress in tuxedos or suits.

Give them a rose when they enter and ask them to add it to their outfit. You could also consider getting a rose tiara for the girls.

3. Round of appreciation

Round Of Appreciation
Round Of Appreciation

It’s a great idea to play a game of appreciation since it’s the day of spreading happiness.

If you are a small group, you can make a circle and ask people to say things about each person moving anti-clockwise.

If the group is large, you can play it like fish pond where each person writes a few words of appreciation on a piece of paper and addresses it to the person he wants to appreciate.

You can assign someone to hand over the appreciation notes to the person they are addresses to.

If you want to keep it random, keep a table with cards and encourage everyone to send a note of appreciation for at least one person present.



4. Gift a smile

Gift a smile
Gift A Smile

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts on Valentine ’s Day? Decide a budget and circulate a fish pond of names.

Each person has to get a gift in that budget for the name they pick. Let the person personally give his or her gift to the person and see new friendships bloom in the office.


5. Proposal game

Proposal game
Proposal Game

Create a lifesize figure of a Bollywood actress like Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif and Sharukh Khan or Salman Khan.

Invite five girls and five boys form the audience to come up on stage and propose to their favourite actor/actress.

Encourage them to sing songs, say filmy dialogues or whatever they like to impress the actress and give a prize to the best proposal.

Expect a lot of laughs, and an entertaining session.


6. Paper dance

Paper dance
Paper Dance

Paper dance has almost become a cult when it comes to couple games and its never a bad idea to play it!

Use a peppy song and bring out the newspapers. Make pairs as per the comfort level of your office staff.

7. Make an animated invite

animated invite
Animated Invite


Make the best of technology and create an eye-ball grabbing invite that sets the tone for the party.

Add animated effects and some sound and see people taking more interest in the party. Ensure you mention all the details including venue, time and dress code.

8. Valentine’s Day party food menu ideas


Heart Food
Heart Food

Since Valentine’s Day is a western concept, let the food compliment it.

Keep continental favourites like pastas, lasagnes and pizzas, and try and focus on the presentation.

Let the chefs use their magic to create tiny hearts with cheese and cream.

If there is rice, you could ask him to put it in a heart mould and turn it around or use nuts to make a heart on top.

Use sauces and garnishing to make people fall in love with their food!


Starters Food
Starters Food

For starters, you can have the chefs make cutlets in a heart shape, corn on a cob, cottage cheese cut in hearts with a cookie-cutter, and other such innovative ideas.

If the gathering is too big, and its difficult to personalise the food preparations, ask them to decorate their serving trays with rose petals and a heart stuck over a toothpick. That’s sure to be loved by all your guests.



Let the drinks menu be loaded with options made with strawberries, cherries and watermelon.

All red, these fruits are sure going to be loved by your guests. You can also keep a raspberry slush.



There is so much you can do with desserts for a Valentine’s Day theme party.

You can get a red velvet cake or a strawberry cheese cake, you can have the chef create strawberry mousse, strawberry cream, heart shaped cupcakes with red and white frosting, raspberry cheese cake, cake pops with little hearts on them, and so much more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to leave a sweet impression in the minds of the entire staff.

9. Party décor ideas for Valentines day

Colour theme

Colour theme
Colour Theme

Red and white is the most obvious choice when it comes to the colour theme, but if you want to be different, you can choose to go with pink and gold heart shaped balloons.

Use wine glasses, pearls, satin cloth and shimmery hangings to add a classy touch to the décor.

You could also take prints of funny sayings like, “In love with my job”, “Office romance be like”, “Love thy cubicle partner”, etc and put them around to add an element of interest to the décor and also create several photo ops.


Valentines day photo booth

Photo Booth
Photo Booth

A striped background and hanging hearts will make for a nice and simple photo backdrop.

A large heart shaped frame for people to pose with would also be a good décor cum photo prop.

Get some feathers, some heart shaped accessories and see people go cickety click.

If you don’t want to do the clichéd hearts, you can also choose to make a floral photo booth with paper flowers.


Personalised décor

Personalised Decor
Personalised Decor

This one is going to need a little effort but will bring tons of smiles on the faces of the people attending the party.

Get a print of a photograph of everyone attending the party, and hang it at the ends of halogen balloons.

The whole room will be full of balloons and the photos must come a little higher than eye level.

People are going to love looking for their photo and will certainly cherish it being a part of the décor.

Make use of this opportunity to let your employees know that you love having them in their office and cherish their presence.

In case it’s not possible to plan a party, you can also choose to take your team/department out for a lunch or have a small celebration by ordering pizzas for all of them and sending them a note of appreciation.