Who is GreatBuyz

Available in the form of an app on Google Play Store and an easy-to-navigate website www.greatbuyz.com, GreatBuyz is like Alladin’s lamp that makes every Shopper’s three magical wishes come true: On one click you get DEALS, over 30,000 of them, waiting to elevate your shopping experience by multi- folds. On another click you get thousands of COUPONS with discounts allowing you to shop more for less. On the second click, you get Gift Cards from over 30 brands making gifting easy and personalised. And on the third and the most important click you can follow and unfollow your favorite brands in GREATBUYZ STREAMZ and receive updates about them at the time and place convenient to you.

So what are you waiting for? Let the magic begin! Download the app here:


WHAT does GreatBuyz do?

GreatBuyz enhances your shopping experience by making you an informed shopper. It’s like a shopping genie that fulfills your dream of getting irresistible deals and coupons to your fingertips, make gifting easy by bringing all gift card options under one roof and allowing you to block out all spam and unwanted marketing messages and receive relevant updates from your favorite brands through GreatBuyz’ unique Streamz section. You can follow and unfollow your favorite brands at the click of a button, engage with them in a meaningful way, and be the first ones to know about their latest offers.

Your wish is our command

WHEN to use GreatBuyz?

Well most people have the habit of saving their wishes for the end. But if you’ve lived enough you’d know, that never helps! So fulfil your wishes and log on the app when you want to buy that brunch dress you have been eyeing for long, or that video game you would love to play with your son, those lacy shoes that will look lovely on your daughter, that mobile that will help your parents stay connected with their family, that bedsheet for your master bedroom, those fragrances for your temple, that cake mould for your baking kit, or for anything and everything you wish to have!

Use the app when you are travelling, when you are in a mall, when you are waiting for a meeting, when you are looking for gifts for your friends, planning a holiday with family or want to surprise your better half with a romantic dinner date. Use it to know the brand history of your favourite brands, to understand the idea behind their new designs, the trends they predict, the philosophy behind its success and what to expect from them in the upcoming season. Use it to stay in touch with your brands, like you would stay in touch with your friends.

Be it gadgets, houseware, apparel, dining, travel or beauty, the Genie is at your service at all times!

WHERE to get GreatBuyz App from?

The good news is, finding the magic lamp and the genie isn’t that tough! Simply type GreatBuyz on the Google Play store and go for the green logo of the GreatBuyz App. Downloading is quicker than the shortest treasure hunt you would have ever played!

And if you are up for a cheat code, here is the download link to the app


HOW does GreatBuyz help you shop better?

When there is a genie and wishes involved the How is usually a mystery. But if you are an inquisitive master, you have every right to know how GreatBuyz helps you shop better.

Are these 5 reasons enough?

  1. Get discounts on leading brands of apparel, electronics, beauty, food, dining and travel.
  2. Access one of the largest collection of coupon codes across thousands of websites!
  3. Get irresistible deals to help you shop more and save more. Perfect for both large and small group sizes, single and wholesale shopping.
  4. Get cashback on gift cards. Earn as you spend!
  5. Get permission-based updates on your favourite brands and be the first one to know about new launches, sales, etc

You can thank us later.